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The picture shows the "China Cup" competition scene 2018. Jing Yu's picture

Nanning, February 21 (Zhong Jianshan) The reporter from the Guangxi Sports Committee on the 21st learned that the China Cup 2019 International Football Championship (hereinafter referred to as the "China Cup" 2019), the Chinese team, Uruguay team, Uzbekistan The team and the Thai team will compete in Nanning City Maes Gwyrdd from March 21st to 25th. Uruguay's famous Suarez is expected to play the "China Cup" again.

The "China Cup" committee organized the preliminary event program on the same day: on March 21, the Chinese team will play against Thailand, and on the 22nd, the South American team of Uruguay will play Uzbekistan. The winner of both games will be completed on the 25th.

The picture shows the Suarez at the event

The picture shows the Suarez at the "China Cup" event 2018. Picture Jing Yu

This year's event is the third session of the "China Cup". In both previous events, the "World Cup" has appeared in the "China Cup", a Real Madrid sidewalk, Woodburn, Suarez, Suarez, Cavani, and another class in the world Soccer star Elements classic "Cavani Upside Down Golden Hook", "Bell Single Riding a Hat-Trick" to "Equalization Seconds Second Equalization Reversal" have also become memories of fans of the "China Cup".

In this "China Cup", the Chinese team will be replaced by a new coach. For the first time, there is no geometry ending the battle of "China Cup" Lippi fox money? Become a hot fan for fans. On the other hand, the Uruguay team fought twice in the "China Cup" field, and the big names of the players in the competition caused anxiety. According to the organizer, "China Cup" is the most important training opportunity for the Uruguay team to compete in the 2019. America Cup. Many star players, including Suarez, are expected to collect in Nanning.

As well as the Uruguay team, the Thai and Uzbekistan team are "Chinese competitors" in the Asian field. After an Asian Cup, the three teams once again met and met, who are also worthy of attention.

The Deputy Secretary General and the Chinese Football Association, June June, said the "Chinese Cup" would give the Chinese national team more opportunities to communicate with high-level teams abroad, and also give more Chinese fans with more homes to appreciate the world. The opportunity for a high quality football event. This year's "China Cup" will be preparing for the Chinese team to start the 2022 Qatar 40 World Cup training.

China's 2019 International Cup Soccer Championship is hosted by China's Football Association, Guangxi Zhuang Automatic Region Sports, Nanning City Government and Wanda Group. He is currently one of the highest male football tournaments held in China at the moment. (End)

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