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2018-12-06 01:30:44 Source: Daily Technology

The moon, the most splendid star in the night sky. As the nearest neighbor of the Earth, the moon often visits literary work, so that his legends are also distributed in the mythology.

Since the old time, people have been curious about the moon and have not given the best to explore the moon. If one or not Apollo is blown, or if they're going to the moon, there is no doubt that we have increased our understanding of the moon. However, to this day, our understanding of the moon is still very limited. For example, what's inside the moon? What is the core structure of the moon?

For this question, there is a point of view that this has been faulty. That's the moon empty.

Apollo intends to approve the empty?

The gray void as it is called the assumption that the moon is a blank planet. This assumption was first proposed by the Soviet astrophysicists Mikhail Vasily and Alexander Shelbakov. They write in Pravda: "Moon may be a product for aliens. For 1.5 billion years, the moon has been an alien space station. The moon is empty and there is a very advanced civilization inside it. The world. "

Initially, this argument did not have much evidence to support, and it did not cause a wide concern. However, the experiments of moon-shaped rock and a moon show brought back by Apollo's mission to the moon have changed everything. Since then, the empty boy said there was a sound evidence base, but also attracting a group of supporters.

The so-called evidence of gray vacuum, the most famous is "Moeshock Apollo Experiment". In 1969, after the gray module of "Apollo 12" was returned to the cabinet / orbit / cabin orbital orbit, the earthquake was re-dumped back to the bedroom, and the lunch earthquake was produced with the face of the picture previously laid on the surface of the picture. This is the sign. Surprisingly, the vibration lasts 55 minutes. Just like the big clock hit with a hammer, the vibration lasts for a long time and then flows slowly. This is quite different from the seismic observations known at the time on Earth.

In normal circumstances, when someone reaches an empty iron ball hard, it will make a serious and lasting vibration, and when hitting a solid iron ball, only a short vibration will be heard. This constant vibration phenomenon has led people to imagine that the moon is empty.

Other evidence mentioned repeatedly by fans of the empty theory is that the density of the image basalt brought back by Apollo's mission to the moon is slightly more than the Earth's rock. The density of a number of basalt samples brought back by Apollo's mission is 3.3 to 3.5 grams per cubic centimeter, while the basalt density of the ground is less than 3.0 grams per cubic centimeter. However, the overall density of the moon is much less than Earth, only 60% of Earth. So people think the moon is empty.

The evidence herein can only reflect the monthly property

Although the Moon Hollow says there are many public supporters and have been supported by some scientists, the mainstream scientific community does not agree with this view. In the opinion of most scientists, it is said that there is no scientific basis on the gray void.

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