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IG wins the championship, 8 years of dream, some people use this self-mix, some say youth fun

What kind of experience is a professional player? There are still many unknown in this river.

Talent is not the most valuable thing for e-sports players, it's self-discipline.


The iG won the S8 Final Round Championship. China vision

When he celebrated the goldflake from the top of the head, the S8 "League of Legends" final game, five boys of the GG team joined each other to celebrate this waiting for a number of years of victory , Zhang Baili kept the live broadcast in front of the screen.

"Too many cattle!" He could not help but make a circle of friends.

iG brush the screen One of the world's most popular games, the "League of Legends" event has been held for eight years, this is the first time for the Chinese team to win the championship. Eight years of dream, some people use this self-mix, some say great fun for the youth.

Zhang Baili is different, as an active director of the battleball banner game, an e-sports practitioner, he sees technology, data and market. He sees a possibility of the future.

"We have worked with RNG and EDG and we have worked with IT." Zhang Baili is familiar with team members, tactics and personal qualities of these teams. "IG is not popular before the game, but members of their team have a strong power." But the game itself is not just what it's most touching, but the screen after the game. "E-sports began to receive more and more people as a common sport. For us (e-sports), now is the best time".

Although this is still a controversial industry, most of the young people who have taken part in this trip have suffered interference.

Wild roads and rivers and lakes are now intangible

Many people follow the wind "wind surveys", but how many of them really know what iG is?

"Do not talk about the excitement, that's the people who like e-sports that aim for professional players. In fact, very few people know what & # 39; the professional words "ultimately mean". The band's team training manager, Ma Li, knows that kind of He felt, from amateur players to professional players, and then retired to turn behind the curtains, he almost walked a "successful" career path existing e-sports players.

On June 28, 2018, horsepower retired, and this date was repeated twice twice. "I will never forget it in my life," he said. At the age of 19, by the amateur player and officially started on the career path, who retired at the age of 25, the best six years, a "discussion" then did not know where the future is.

In the last 2017, China's e-sports consumer scale reached 250 million, market rate was more than 5 billion, and for the first time there were events that were more than 10 billion people, breaking a record of & All the events published in e-sport history.

"Over the last few years, rapid capital money has spread, and many changes have taken place in the China e-sports industry." Zhang Baili said, "Thanks, President Wang".

The people in the e-sports circle said that "the head of the king" was a bit frightening, because when the dream of the players was always difficult to pay for their lunch, "head of the king" took a momentum not to pay bad money , rewrite "Tag price" of the e-sports cycle and industry game rules. Young people who are addicted to e-sports have heard of the myths of the gods that have broken down the ground. They dream of becoming one of them one day. "Indeed, it is impossible to rely on the wild roads to break rivers and lakes." Zhang Baili unfortunately said the development of the e-sports industry had passed the disorderly and disorderly cam, and the single player can not produce results. "The team's standard configuration is in addition to the players. Leaders, coaches, managers, analysts and logistics staff are not in a low threshold for entering the e-sports industry."

The highest quality of the player is self discipline

Before doing business, Zhang Baili also dreamed of being a professional player, but ultimately he did not. "When professional players are too tough." This type of difficulty is not only technical, but also physically and psychologically.

"Even if you've passed the amateur master's presence, there are few who can truly become professional players." Horsepower was directly involved with the Fan training team's daily training schedule: before 11 noon to the training room, 1 pm until 7:00 p.m., all training time has to be targeted, there are around three to four training sessions ; from 7 o'clock to 9 o'clock with nightclubs, the team's exercise session; at 9 o'clock with nighttime, according to the previous video video recording, data analysis, tactical discussion … … basically, rest after 1 am. "You need half an hour of exercise every day, running, and probably what they hate most (activities)."

Daily training time is more than 10 hours, which is a non-seasonal daily training schedule. It is possible that only the life of professional players can realize that this is not a fun, probably non-sleeping game in front of the computer and believes that "playing games can be famous and fortune ".

In horsepower, the most valuable word for a professional player is just "self-discipline". "If you want to play, personal skills are stronger, and the following way will not last." In fact, under strict training, the personal technology gap between players is not big, the team co-operates and faces the sudden situation. The ability is more important, and young people who can stand on the podium, no matter how different the individual, who has the same professional dreams and professionalism . "I also became a professional player and then realized that when my hobby became a professional feeling, she really played games and vomiting."

E-sports professional players are similar to other competitive sports players who have the same training and erasure rate, but the leaving mechanism is not perfect. Not everyone can climb to the top. In the e-sports industry, millions of e-sports stars, and more, are confusing and embarrassing at the bottom of the pyramid. In his 6-year career, the players around Ma Li also come and go. Some have transferred, some have changed to other games, some have given the best e-sports to go home to work, some have retired as coaches and others. Unfortunately, no contact. Basically, Horsepower has some emotions. Professional players play a game basically throughout the year and they will not change easily. The game's vitality depends on the market. The professional life of the players is not entirely controlled by themselves.

Employer monthly salary professional of 10,000 yuan

Ma Li said, when he decided to take a professional e-sports route, his parents asked a question: "Do you want to make pyramid plans?"

So far, there are many stories of the professional professionals of the river and the lakes. The world champion DOTA2, Wang Zhaohui, played the game and could not get the money to live at the hotel. In that year, he had to carry the quest on the train that won the game. The result was that the organizer was running. Bonus bubble soup Hundred yuan; King Double WCG's board, China's first X-Xiaofeng e-sports to travel to the game, had to sleep in the toilet overnight … so some people say, unless my home is in my home , not easy e-sports career.

Before iG, the income of professional players is basically dependent on the competition bonus, and the monthly salary of the best players will not exceed 3,000 yuan. "Now the professional players have a monthly salary of five or six thousand, which range from 10,000 to 15,000, and basically there is an annual salary between 100,000 and 200,000 yuan. The best players can turn over two or three times on this basis. " General pay is not as high as the outside world.

The hardest part of recruiting players is not technology and wage, but persuades parents. "The peak season of professional players is basically 16 to 22. Because the training can not take care of both at the same time, most parents are opposed at the beginning." In fact, once the power itself becomes a professional player, communication with parents has become more and more. "Every time I feel I can not help myself, I'll be calling home. I started to understand that my parents' concerns were really real. They do not know if there is any future in the industry that I choose. # 39; compared to this uncertainty, they'd prefer I'll take a safer way. "

Most of the parents in the world like this. So, the Flag team has a difficult recruitment opportunity – parents do not agree, technology is not better. At the same time, members of the team must communicate with their parents at least once a week.

The iG won the championship and disappeared carnival in the middle of the youth. This may not only represent a victory in the S8, but also teenagers who are placed on e-sports. She also has career ambitions and dreams worthy of respect. It may also represent many young people who have not The choice of life that is understood.

Ma Li said he once asked members of the team that they had had an agreement with a good paid game of their faces, and would you like to go? "Some people say they want to go, some people say they do not want to go. Everyone's approach is different." And he himself used a six-year career as a professional player to try to prove one thing, "Life can have another path." (Reporter Zhan Lihua)

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