Tuesday , May 17 2022

Huayi Brothers stock price plunged to Cui Yongyuan: God can not ignore – Free information worried


On the 27th, Cui Yongyuan wrote in the social media: "I believe it is because she is too angry, and God can no longer stand." Both images are the stock chart of Huayi Brothers and Huayi Brothers evaporation article. . Cui Yongyuan's comments have won many fans' support. Everyone said: "Teacher Support, Xiao Cui, is busy."

Pictured by Cui Yongyuan, the article on Huayi Brothers market evaporation is amazing. The article writes that Huayi's share price has broken 5, and market value has evaporated by 70 billion. Huayi Brothers is in a ridge. It is said that Huayi has also affected the Fan Bingbing tax deficit.

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