Sunday , March 7 2021

Huawei new machine rendering estimation estimation: full screen punch in the eye – Huawei Huawei – cnBeta.COM

Twitter news Twitter @ VenyaGeskin1 broke on Twitter to show the introduction of HUAWEI nova 4, pictured, HUAWEI nova 4 that has been officially equipped with the Samsung Infinity shot screen that has had a lot of attention. That is, put a round hole on the left side of the screen to set the front camera, which seems more harmonious than the water drop screen.

Yesterday, Huawei has just released a new machine preview. According to the information in the notice, this new machine Huawei should have a crash screen, which is most likely that new HUAWEI 4 will be open today.

If this is a new real 4 machine, everyone believes that this shape, at least the screen ratio has given a lot of power.

It is also clear that the configuration of this new Huawei machine, if the new series, should not use the Kirin 980 processor is so fast, so the use of Kirin 970 should be a high probability event.

This new machine will be released in December this year, the official to emphasize two sales points – a full polymer self-timer screen, that is, a self-timer and a full pole screen, it seems that Huawei is having The punch screen is the name for the punch screen.

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