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He is the World Cup re-round trainer, and is eager to be a national football coach, but the conditions are very difficult! – Lippi, come, the national football, Asian Cup, is one – Huang Feilong talks about sport

2018-12-14 00:16:38 Source: Huang Feilong talks about sports

Original title: He is a World Cup re-team merit trainer, who wants to be a national football coach, the conditions are very tough!

Throughout Chinese national football, there are many first class trainers who come to a coach, but they are happy to be disappointed, such as Schlapner, Horton, Alihan, Dujkovic, Camacho, Perrin , Lippi, which is not a first-class trainer, but they have all failed in China, and only Milu succeeded in China.

Lippi today can be a day of a boy hit the day, have passed! Her training level is not good, but her level is too strong. The Chinese men's football team can not understand the ability. University teachers teach nursery children. How can this be done?

We also know that Lippi will leave China after the end of the next Asian Cup. Then who will train Chinese men's football after Lippi, this will be a hot spot. Although Chinese football is trampled in the water, many people run for money. And drowning, this first-class death is thinking of coaching in China. Who is it?

He was the country's former French coach, Domenech. He did not have much glory when he was a player. Instead, when the ultimate coach arrived in his life, the unincorporated French team led, and finally won the second World Cup round, his proud pupil. Such as Zidane, Henry, Trezeguet, Saha, etc., he grew up, which shows that his strength is not worse than Lippi.

But he has two conditions. First of course, the Chinese Soccer Association is listening to it. What aspects of listening to it? The first of course means that more players play overseas. The second is to introduce a coach for a great price. Hiring a youth training director is better. Both of these conditions are very difficult, but they have reported Chinese men's ill health. If you're looking for In doing so, there is no possibility of getting out of Asia and taking the World Cup. How do you ask him to be a coach?

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