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Happy and Downs Competition – Wall Street

Source: Meteorite Business Review (ID: libusiness), Wall Street Journalist

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"Turnover products must be right," how does myth myth founder practice? Waterloo's mouth, the equity was thrown away by 600 million Chinese, the IPO had tired, what happened to a happy cut?


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Comedy always has a natural market connection, no matter how often the times change, the desire to laugh has deepened our genes. From the Zhou Xingchi series, Kung Fu's film, Jackie Chan, to the Ning Hao "Crazy" series, "囧" series, Xu Wei, has become another important label of Chinese comedy films in recent years.

Beijing Happy Twist Entertainment Culture Media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Happy Twist) has been working on the comedy for fifteen years. Now the most comedy IP manufacturing machine in the Chinese entertainment industry, from Charlotte Trouble, Chad Water, Shameful Iron Fist "for" the richest man of Xihong City ", some people even said that he is the new generation of the king's comedy of China.

In the field of vertical comedy, Twist Happy has formed its unique style and its own creative process. "Twisted products must be good products". How is the twist quality control system done? Waterloo's reputation, the reputation of the Waterloo movie box office, is thrown away by Chinese 600 million, IPO is surprised, very happy recently, a little happier, what happened to the "myth myth "who has been honored in 15 years?


Can laughter be produced more?

For happy twisting, a "old bank" drama business is the main source of its cash flow, and many people know the origin of happy mood. He has been involved in drama, producing and performing drama for more than ten years. With just 7 tickets in Beijing for more than 4,000 games in more than 60 central cities across the country, it is hard to find a ticket. Twist Happy has accumulated almost 30 original and unlikely works. The reputation raises the trend when the theater is not performing.

Cultural products are different from industrial production. Due to the different characteristics of times, regions and audiences, it is difficult to have a detailed assembly line production and to control exact effects such as industrial products. There is no big movie company in China. Ways to ensure that all of their work is butty.

China does not have a good work director, but there is no consistent film production organization such as Hollywood and Marvel. It can realize an industrial and simpler product that can be measured. Therefore, the stock price of the film and television company is extremely volatile and investors do not favor that. Happy Twist's success, though not a great commercial success, gave a strong shot to the domestic content market, allowing people to see the possibility of producing a team and content quality control. How does a happy turn have to do?

In the early days when no-one was interested, the Twisted Troupe used the bus to take people to watch the play for free, and then the mouth was used to make the play gradually improving. "Want to eat twists and ties to you" has been taken into Xie Nahe, how the play will be hired, so that the troupe can make full use of high quality resources to increase traffic. These marketing methods can offer a bit of excitement, but let's the great happy game of its great "product quality control system" and its scale operation.

The initial approach was the user's questionnaire and the establishment of a theater quality supervisor. At each performance site, a supervisor is responsible for completing the quality management report and recording the audience response for each pre-planned package. If it is not answered to the luggage point, the team will need to discuss the adjustments after the show ends, change the way in the next show, and try again and again to find it the most appropriate performance plan.

The play is in direct contact with the audience, leaving the happy leaflet to know the laughter of the audience, control the rhythm, naturally turning casually at an appropriate time. For example, when Liu Hongtao answered the question "How to evaluate the movie" Wu De Shui ", he used the example of" 178 laughter in the media university "as an example. This updated program consistently ensures that the actors can start quickly and achieve the performance above the pass line, making it possible to make large-scale reproductions.

In the second half of 2012, under the suggestion of Zhang Chen, the artistic director, Happy Twist, formed an "art decision committee" comprising managers, directors, actors, etc., a total of 9 people, including company officers and several directors. They are basically all 80s. All content products need to be approved by the Arts Committee to record the preparation stage. At the same time, the project launched under the "Happy Twist" brand must also be a comedy work voted by the Arts Committee and managed by Happy Twist. Individual choices that avoid age interest in decision-making level lead to decision making mistakes.

This set of content quality control system can be traced back to the project organization and the action, so that Happy Twist not only guarantees the quality of individual repertoire, but also realizes that there is a great improvement in the successful rate of products horizontal scale reproduction. Many of the typical examples that are actually in the laughter today have the characteristics of creating and spraying the masks. Deyun crosses and the part of the Tucao Conference were polished and polished in the performance of the masks. So, the laughter and the luggage are more shaken and the laughter is more intense. As General Manager Liu Hongtao said, "Many creators in the literary circle are popular with a word called" ground gas ", which means you have to be with the ground , you must be with the public. "

Happy Twist is becoming more and more stable in Beijing. In order to further develop the performance market, Happy Twist has subsidiaries and offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Harbin, Tianjin, Nanjing, Shenyang and Chengdu. When establishing a new branch, this system of internal training managers was implemented widely. The play of the Happy Twist series has performed more than 4,000 games in Beijing and the central cities of the country, bringing more than one million viewers with infinite joy. After the drama quality control system is clear, the next step is the large-scale operation, which allows the team to break the geographic and lower section -contently, by avoiding the "coffee" audience that does not like the "Garlic" sketch Zhao Benshan. Hey Twist Happy has become the most recognized organization in the field of domestic drama. Even young people are extremely fond of happy skin and has become a social phenomenon.

Previously, the construction of the quality and quality control system allowed the team to take up the opportunity that came by Spring Festival Evening and rapidly increasing the production capacity. Along with the synchronization was the rapid increase in the market share of Happy Twist in the drama market.


Various attempts

Happy Twist has become the creator of the myth of drama, and this is not the happy old fashion play, but the adaptation of the film and television drama. The biggest obstacle to restricting the list of film and television companies is the instability of the project. A good movie can cause greenhouse income. A bad movie can also drag the company. Can the happy twist in the quality control system remove this spell?

In 2010, the founder of the university, the happy founder, Yu Kai, joined the happy twist and became the general manager in Liu Hongtao. In 2012, the "Thai" comedy film arrived at the top of the Chinese box office champion, who Liu Hongtao saw the power of the market certified comedy film. Happy Twist explores an integrated multi-screen development model and extends to the new media and film media industry, to improve its reputation and influence.

From the small theater, the twists and the fun plays are called a laughing point. In 2011, Happy Twist tried to combine its own comedy style with the essays. The essays that they created, "The Fallen Leaves," went to the audience's vision quickly through the 2011 dissertation competition platform and won a lot of incredible. Since then, happy Twisted products are constantly on CCTV Spring Festival Evening, Spring Crisis Television Evening Evening, "Happy Today 1", "Happy Today 2", "Fu Bufu" and other sketches famous to Shen Teng, Ma Li and other spray actors. Twist became a frequent visitor to the Spring Festival Evening, and became even the most anticipated work of the Spring Festival Evening audience.

Under such a large base, film presentation, this part of people who like drama can easily play the role of KOL, which is favorable to the verbal film exploitation , help marketing. By insisting on art business +, Happy Twist is developing a comprehensive entertainment industry system that has gradually embedded in stage comedy. Happy Twist wants to make herself a serious vertical comedy company, specializing in comedy in the entertainment industry.

Non-platear film production group with a top without a plateau is a mature production group, just as 100 casualties can not be considered a best student. It is not reliable to speak only with box office data. The truly mature movie market has been characterized by industrialization, standardization and standardization. Of course, all of this can be compatible with Hollywood. Happy to make a movie every year, and the words are good thanks to a unique movie quality control system.

The quality film management system has, first of all, a unique benefit when adapting drama to film. First, the play has been chopped for many years, and the script is very mature, which includes the short and short writing period of the movie script. Secondly, the actor has been honored through hundreds of performances and has virtually integrated to his / her character. After modifying it can be seamlessly linked to the movie. Thirdly, the base play has a specific audience, and this part of the people who like the play is easy to play the KOL, which is favorable to & # 39; r famous film festival and support marketing. The popularity of the film is also back to the drama. The second quality warranty lies in setting up the original "original" team. The scriptwriters and directors of the three films produced by Happy Twist have been written and directed by the original drama version.

In the past, words are a tool for happy movies, and the use of fermented words for a long-term ticket office is also a common marketing tool. After the initial announcement, the "Charlotte Trouble" launched by a drama company without a star line had not turned a splash. Liu Hongtao decided to devote 1 million marketing costs, and organized a group of 1.5 million fans who had been happy for more than ten years. Screening activities lasted for 30 days and the word mouth was fermented.

In 2015, Charlotte problems had box income of 1.4 billion, and the cost was only 30-40 million. Depending on a blush movie, the Happy Twist profit was 126 million yuan, an increase of 243.12% year on year. In 2016, the second film of the Twist, "Chunde Water", was less than 200 million in the box office, resulting in a net profit of 74.799 million yuan, down 43.43% year on year, but won the reputation film. In 2017, "Twll of Iron Fist" became a Happy Twist at the first National Day ticket office last year, with a cost of 70 million and a ticket office of more than 2.2 billion yuan. With this film, the company's net profit reached 390 million, an increase of 422.64% year on year.

In 2018, the "richest man Xihong City" summer movie was sold, with a box office of more than 2.5 billion yuan. Twist Hop also has made a huge profit by having 40 million investments, but this movie is especially special for a happy twist. Here is the first "Happy Conversion Conversion" movie in Happy Twist. The idea of ​​"richest man Xihong City" does not come from any of the greenest of the play, but has been authorized by Universal Pictures to customize the 1985 movie "Brewster & # 39; s Million Money ". As the director is Yan Fei, Peng Damo and Yan Teng who play a part of the happy system acting independently on the movie, so it will not be defined & Officially as the fourth happy movie.

On the one hand, the success of this film has expanded the "walking path" for happy twisting, and has identified many possibilities for success. However, he was truly acknowledged as the fourth film "The Aunt of Li Tea" finds Waterloo in the National Day. The story, plot, design, theme, etc. generally fell, and the box office and reputation were very frightening. The singer of happy mood has long been astonished.


Lovely twistau that can not be happy

Happy Twist has faced difficulties in the battle for the big screen: the main control capability is limited, and the risk of getting involved is too much. In 2017, Happy Twist began to take part in the ballot, Wuhamru "Demon Bell" wins a 360,000 box office; "Zhou Xingchi discipline" Lu Zhengyu, "Peace Master", also got 101 million box office. However, in terms of words, apart from its quality control system, the work that takes part is far from the three times it was managed from before. This has stopped a way of turning to some degree. As well as "stage play" and "movie", auditing audio content such as "Happy Twist Theater" and "Jianghu College" in the online play did not stimulate too much.

In order to increase production capacity, Happy Twist chose to go on an IPO road, hoping to get more money. According to the Happy Twist IPO 2017 prospectus, the IPA Happy Twist intends to raise 700 million yuan, as well as 150 million yuan to add to liquidity, the rest will be used to invest in 6 plays and 6 films. These include four films adapted from the Play of Happy Twist, "Li Tea Honors", "Mynydd Iarll Wulong", "Prison Friends" and "Romantic French Meat". After the end of the adjustment of the "classic weight base"? For the audience and market that has already suffered aesthetic fatigue, how should the happy way to go to the future?

"Li Tea Honors" is not split into National Day stalls, and the departure of the shareholders of the cornerstone has emerged. The word exchanges of mouth and the public equity transfer of the Chinese cultural industry investment fund with an official background have made everyone start thinking about it. The eyes of the people returned to March this year, ready to prepare for the first episode of the play, but after preparing for almost ten months, their IPO listing application was withdrawn and prepared to re-instate the structure ownership. The appearance that seems smooth and smooth seems to be difficult to walk.

Some people say that this is a high school student who is beaten by a high everyday score. Are everyone's nerves too sensitive and too much? In light of the decline in the "Happy Twist" movie score, the story and the people become clear gradually, the innovation of the lines is less innovative, the heads are independent, & # 39; The new and old actors are obviously cut, and the creatures are weak. Obviously, what makes everyone unhappy is a job loss, but the panic caused by the failure of the quality control system is under the lack of innovation.

In the public mind and a happy twist, basically, can draw the same number of Shenteng, Marie is an artist signing happy, but he does not have shares in happy happiness, and how co-operation with happy blowing is taking part in them company in the happy twist The co-operation method. The risk of losing the head is still very much, but the subsequent strength of the artists trained by the company is insufficient, so that the third "broker artist" will not be carried out for both the play and the movie and TV running. From the company's financial report, this part does not really contribute to the company's performance, it does not make money and does not earn seed players, there is really a bit of trouble.



IPO termination is not a good thing for Twist, but it's good to lose the horse in the face of frustration. Although the film and drama have been sprayed incredibly different people, the movie and drama are incredible. The closed link formed by both is the basis of the twist. The maturity and perfection of its quality control system is the basis for the long-term success of the injected line industry.

If the movie is removed from the perfection and training of the quality control system, on the one hand, there is probably the "Unnecessary" and the spinning can no longer be a mistake. On the other hand, in the heads of Shen Teng and Ma Li, the main actors have left, and after re-making the classic repertoire, the twists may have started on Jiang Lang's embarrassment situation.

Adhering to the bute strategy, adhere to the screening quality and rhythm, making more standardized efforts and innovations in the quality control system, and improving film production capacity based on the repertoire's short industrial regeneration cycle , the scriptwriter, the director and the actors. To expand the influence, rather than blind blind shooting work that is not powerful but to relieve the quality control system that they depend on.

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