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Handa Hundred Movie Movie Festival with "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" – Les, Cinema, Mora, Miles, 100 Days – Beijing Business Daily


2018-12-21 01:00:13 Source: Beijing Business Daily

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The animated film "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" produced by Columbia Pictures, American Marvel and American Animation Films, was officially released in China on December 21. Before the movie was released, the Hundred Film Festival Wanda Movie Days was a film screening event, which triggered the fans' discussion after the movie ended.

"Spiderman: Parallel Universe" tells the story of the secondary school student who increased Miles Morales from Spiderman Peter Parker to a new generation of superheroes. Miles Morales and Peter Parker, Spider-Man, Shadow Spider-Man, Lolita Spider-Man and Spider-Man of other parallel universities form a group to fight Spider-Man's most powerful filters. This time there are many characters, but the main line of the film is still being built around the growth of small-scale Myers Morales and Spider-Man's legacy. It also includes the hero's own dilemma and crisis. Six Six Spider-Man from different universities has different people and different styles.

According to public information, the movie uses CGI technology with comic elements, and with IMAX 3D, the viewing experience is further enhanced. Bright and colorful neon lights, busy streets, high and outdoor buildings … Using 3D computer technology to build a future city. So far, "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" was selected as the animated feature film from 2018 by the Chicago Film Critics Association, the Association of Los Angeles Film Critics, the Association of New York Film Critics and the San Francisco Film Critics Association.

The 100-day film festival is said to be a brand IP event created by Wanda Film for four years in a row. When presenting hot sales, it also brings a host of wellbeing feedback to fans. On the site and event, the supporters who took part in the advanced scene said, "The Spider-Man scene in the movie stalks the back of the sea back and forth, and the comics that # 39; n deal with onomatopoeia from time to time, make the picture full and rich. Full of ten. "

(Source article: Beijing Business Daily)

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