Saturday , January 23 2021

Guo Jingming played two tricks, Tian Ji raced back and forth, stars and predecessors were hurt by him_Program-Sohu

  1. Guo Jingming played two tricks, Tian Ji turned his back on horse racing, and he was hurt by the rising stars and predecessors.Sohu
  2. “Actor” Huang Yi was deleted and sent a long message to say goodbye to Er Dongsheng, comment and encourage_YNET.comBeiqing net
  3. Er Dongsheng shouted Guo Jingming and left the pitch angry. It’s far from simple …NetEase Mobile
  4. Er Dongsheng reality show is hot and frightening Guo Jingming for choking tears | Guanghua.comGuanghua Daily
  5. Dissatisfied with works criticized by Er Dongsheng, shouting and crying Guo Jingming Lianhe Zaobao
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