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Guo Jingjing and Huo Qigang showed in the concert, and the pointed jaw was too stolen! – Free information


On May 3, the singer Lin Zixiang held a concert in Hong Kong, and Guo Jingjing and Huo Qigang showed in the concert. Lin Zixiang opened the atmosphere with "Long Way". Lin Zixiang, Lin Zixiang, aged 71, is said to let fans enjoy the visual feast, having spent two years in preparation for the concert.

With night, Lin Zixiang went with her son to the stage and used his influence to help his son. Lin Dexin, 34, was born by Lin Zixiang and his ex wife Wu Zhengyuan. In his time to enter the entertainment industry it had not been eight years since 2011, but his performance is not bad and has won several awards in music. Lin Zixiang wife, Ye Qianwen, home and strong in her husband.

Guo Jingjing, who had survived three births, recovered quickly after she was born. She had already lost weight and had thinned her chin, and appeared with her husband Huo Qigang in Lin Zixiang's concert, and Huo Qigang's brother Huo Qishan.

In the picture, Guo Jingjing looks very slim, and his sharp jaw is very stealthy, and is thought to be in the same period as those passing by. Guo Jingjing's postpartum status seems to have improved. That night, she was also wearing a wedding ring show with her husband, but the two wedding rings looked very simple, not a big diamond ring.

Some time ago, Guo Jingjing was open to 3 birth, and then Huo Qigang and Weibo took photos of three children, officially published.

It is said that Chen Kezhen, who has not appeared for a long time to attend Lin Zixiang concert, Li Keqin also brought his wife Lu Shuyi to Lin Zixiang.

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