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Pan Yueming

Today, the 8th animated film "Green Monster Grinch" of Lighting Entertainment was released. This animation company, established in 2007, has created a series of classic and medium-sized animation series, such as "Daddy Daddy", "Little Yellow Man", "Love Pet Secret". After the "Green Monster Grinch" was released in North America, the box office performance was very attractive and was also shortlisted for the Oscar 2019 for Best Animated Feature Films. Before the closing date, the office box of $ 75 million has reached $ 320 million. Beijing News's main creative actor and Pan Yueming voice interviewed, revealing the movie.


A fairytale story has been on the screen several times

"Green Monster Grinch" tells Greene, the concise green chronicle, intends to bring all the christmas gifts of the town, but eventually he was infected by the spirit of the young girl, and finally , holiday and holiday with everyone. The story has been adapted from Theodore Gayso (also known as Dr Seuss), published in 1957, in a short story of 69 pages, "Grinci steals Christmas". In Europe and America, it has become a well-known cushion fairy tale known from generation to generation. .

"Green Monster Grinch" is the second time that this story has got to upload to the large screen in cartoon form. In 1966, Sousse authorized the animated artist Chuck Jones to make "Christmas Geek" an animated film. This movie is very faithful to the original, many of which are classed and classed. In to the annual Christmas special program. In 2000, Universal Studios produced the film, "Hide a Geek" with Jim Carey, and won the live version of "The Christmas Geek" directed by the Oscar's Long Howard for the Best Making Award.

In 2018, the animated version of "Green Mobs Grinch" was directed by "The Pets of the Secret" by Jonathan Cheney and director of "Crazy Clerk" Scott Mosier. "The beautiful monsters of the Green Monsters is that it's a small story," said Mosier. "We're trying to make the audience feel that this is a great and beautiful world in the animated scene, but the story itself is small. Warm." Finally, they are & # 39 ; n decided to create the heat of the core, Grinch is a story about tolerance and love, a little girl with kindness and warmth, softening a green "bad guy" who wants to take the whole town in Christmas.


Forgiveness and redemption

Lighting entertainment founder Chris Meredon, Derrick said that the Grinch character study has become most important to the whole lighting entertainment team. "Our character is always considered to be a bad person from people from around. But in our story In this regard, the character is self-touch, standing on the other side of the people, trying Bringing the happiest time of the year, but at the end of the story, obviously this person will be forgiven and wasted. This pardon and reprint is in our social culture. , but sometimes we forget about them. "

Love had devoted Grange to find some clever ways to streamline her life. For example, he has a whole body hair dryer, and can make it straight in a very green hair ball. In addition, the creative team has been improving the picture book to the special effects research picture, so that the stunning and beautiful image of the green monster has deep deepening in the hearts of the people.


The volume knows Grinch's heart pain.

"The actor who spoke of the Grinch is very difficult. We're hoping to find someone who can understand the ambition and theme of the film when the audience is hearing their voice." Meredon Derrick mentioned a voice. Original intention of the actor.

In the early stages of the design, the lighting entertainment masters planned to invite the Benedict Cumberbatch "Blessing Volume" cottage. This version of Grinch's character prefers shortcomings. The incentive for Christmas does not punish the inhabitants of the town, but to give up the carnival during Christmas, so that he does not have to try to resist this mass leave . Grinch's psychological excavation is also the main reason for attracting Fu Fu's voices, "said Fu Fu," Once you understand Christmas is painful for him, you can understand the alien and the disorder in his character. I feel everyone can have a resonating excitement of Grinch's behavior and his individual character. "

Independent dialogue

Beijing News: From the original sound, many people can not recognize your voice. Is this character far from you?

Pan Yueming: He needs to pay special attention and make a difference. Grinch's voice is far from myself. The characters are fun, entertaining, how bad, and more mean … The character is very stimulating, and the suspicion is very important. You need to use the voice to express and appoint the character of the dubbed character. I feel more and more it's fun and interesting to portray characters with sound. You have to understand this character and bring it to a soul in a way to perform.

Beijing News: Have you seen the version of the volume of the voice? Now what do you think about the challenge of drawing cartoons?

Pan Yueming: I also read the roll version before dubbing. It's very good, so I think I have to score the score for Greene in Asia (laughing). In fact, the repetition is really interesting and very difficult. I'm still coming up. There are lots of places to learn how to grind. Gradually, you will find that the sound has a lot of great plastic space and expressive power.

Writer / New News News correspondent Zhou Huixiao

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