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GIF-Wu Lei shot 2 to support the opponent's goalkeeper. The volley breaks and looks at it – it's not, it's not, La Liga, Gera, Ska – Netease Sports


2019-02-23 04:30:56 Source: Netease Sports

Netease Sports reported on February 23:

In the 25th round of La Liga, the Spanishmen played in Huesca.

In the 10 minutes, Dydak-Vila was plugged straight on the left. Wu Lei responded to the edge of the limited area. He ignored the Borja who wanted to get the ball afterwards. Instead, he chose the right foot arc to start the back corner and the ball lost the bottom line.

In the 14 minutes, Wu Lei once again won the opportunity to shoot. Granero now has to address the uneven route of 45 degrees to the limited area. The reach of Wu Lei was sweating the volley, and a little in the right column after the ball was hit. After completing the shot, Wu Lei showed a smile.

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