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General Secretary Xi Jinping is an important speech in the 40th anniversary of reform and opening, provoking an enthusiastic response among the members of the party and cadres on the ground


Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, 20th December o

Topic: A great racing and regeneration race – The General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech, celebrating 40 years of reform and opening has responded enthusiastically among the members of the party and the cadres on the ground

Xinhua News Agency Correspondent

Celebrating 40 years since reform and opening, Xi Jinping's General Secretary's important speech wrote the great battle of the Chinese nation who identified the right course in the future to break the waves. It has caused a keen response among members of the parties and cadres.

Everyone says we should expect reform and open achievements, continue to enrich and test the experience accrued in reform and opening, overcome difficulties, be brave in innovation, and intervene in the exchange to realize the great regeneration of the Chinese country through Hold the lack and decision of Qingshan. Good grades.

"Let the people share fruit reform and open"

Tickets such as food stamps, cloth tickets, cigarettes, fish tickets, oil tickets, tofu tickets, non-staple food, industrial vouchers, etc. have been impossible from the history museum … "On the morning & # 39 : 18th, Zhang Ren, a retired worker from Linyi, Shandong Province When watching 40 years since the revision and opening in front of the television, he heard this sentence and was very hot.

"When I first joined the work, there were almost all life requirements on the ticket." Zhang Renxiu's memory was suddenly withdrawn to the 1970s, when he would not believe that he would "transform" 40 years later. Shop online. From the quantitative supply to "shopping three" to "goods or millions", "hungry, lack of food and wearing, life is hard" and so on for thousands from years to the troubles of our people, with the ticket into the museum.

Yuan Longping, the pioneer of reform and the world's hybrid rice dad, is a witness to this history and a champion. Taking advantage of the reform of the home contract responsibility system, he successfully pursued a nationally promoted three-line hybrid rice research.

"In just 8 years, average rice increase has increased by 55%. The Chinese have had enough to eat immediately." Looking back at a Chinese hybrid rice trip, Yuan Longping said that reform and opening will allow everyone to eat from eating to eat. We cut the world's rice product record and promote the development of disciplines and even social productivity.

Over the past 40 years, we have firmly exploited the opportunities and feelings of fighting themselves with the Chinese themselves in addition to their jobs. Wu Tingliang, who lives in the Xinqiao Village, Flood Town, Luxi County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province, is one of the ordinary people whose fate has changed.

"If you're poor by a small family, if the amendment and opens, the government will increase alleviating poverty, I may still wandering outside. I heard the words of the general secretary , I feel that my heart is particularly warm, and more to go in the future. " Wu Tingliang homes are located in Wumeng Mountain. Having restrained in the poverty areas, when he was 17, he had "squatting" to work in Guangdong. Now he has learned the technology and accumulated funds. A shoe processing factory started at his doorstep and fights with fellow villagers.

"The general secretary said efforts should be made to improve the people's sense of well-being, happiness and safety. These are the foundation of health, I want to continue to protect the health of villagers." Ma Musha, 41, is a river in Gonghe County, Qinghai Province. Dean of the town center health center, has embedded on the ground for over 20 years and farmers and couriers have formed a deep feeling.

From "small illness, major illnesses" to free voluntary medical examinations, vaccinated on time, transformed the health concept of farmers and makers Ma Musha realized their happiness as a doctor. In the last 40 years, China has built the world's biggest social security system, including pension, medical care, etc., and medical insurance covers more than 1.3 billion people.

At the Chinese Renina University lecture hall, senior students at the School of Information Management Resources, Shen Hao and students, focused on listening to the important speech of the General Secretary Xi Jinping. "In the hands of Chinese people, it is impossible to become a possibility. We are extremely proud and proud of the Chinese people who have created the miracle of humanity!" Not everyone can help but praise here.

Speaking about the way to go to school, Shen Hao of the 90s felt deeply the pace of reform and opening. "Shandong Binzhou built the home of the railway last year, and the traffic speed faster and faster. I can go to the school from home to Beijing in a few hours, I heard that I Repairing the fastest railways in the future. "


"The constant realization of the people eager for a better life"

These days are at the top of the social security payment at the end of the year. In the Nanning Social Security Bureau service network, the people who pay the fees in constant numbers. Huang Shiyi, deputy director of the Nanning City Social Security Bureau, has turned through different service points to ensure a smooth and convenient payment.

"In his speech, the general secretary emphasized the need to stick to the people as the center. As a social security worker, I feel that I have a great responsibility." Huang Shiyi said we will improve the process of building a smart people's social system and expanding the attention of reform policies such as "shared medical insurance" to the public. For a more convenient social security service.

In the 40 years of reform and opening, the life expectancy of Chinese residents has increased dramatically. As a medical and health worker, Ma Ping, director of the Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission of Changchun said: "We will further deepen the reform and let people reduce the burden of medical treatment and enjoy a healthy lifestyle."

On the 18th, in Huaxi Village, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, known as "the first village in the world", more than 50,000 chains and people focused on watching 40 years since the revision and opening.

"The annual income of the village villagers at Huaxi Village is currently 90,500 yuan, which is 410 times from 1978. Huaxi Village can be today, depending on reform and opening, even going to Romance, even more impossible to reform and open. " Wu Xien, the secretary of the Huaxi Village Party Committee, said in the future, "Rural Village" will be a "rural city" with industrial prosperity, ecological living, civilized civilization, effective governance and prosperous life, with urban features and rural features .

In the new house of Zhang Yongxin, a villager in Huaqiao Village, Changba Town, Kang County, Gansu Province, after listening to the important speech of the Secretary General Xi Jinping, Zhang Yongxin "sends heart of heart for reform and open ". Through the beautiful countryside construction, the once poor Huaqiao Village has become a 4A level scenic spot.

Alleviating poverty is hard bones, and poverty alleviation is a difficult task.

Celebrating the opening and opening of the revival, Jia Licheng, deputy secretary of the Qikou Town Plaid Committee, Linxian County, Shanxi Province, came into the poor homes of the village and sat on poor household chemistry. He carefully listened to the important speech of the General Secretary Xi Jinping.

"To make sustainable poverty mitigation, the first priority is to raise the ambition and wisdom of the villagers and let them taste the sweetness of the entrepreneurial business." Jia Licheng said the next step will help poor homes develop the property industry and extend the crop industry's industrial chain, so that the villagers will be on schedule. Take off.

Zujie is a live executive squad leader from the Xuzhou Power Supply Company distribution grid and operating system. On the 18th, the mobile phone used to go to the field to work and listen to the important speech of the General Secretary Xi Jinping.

"Revision and openness are rely on innovation. Power grid also needs strong technological innovation. I like to devise and now I'm working with colleagues to develop & # 39; Automatic robot. If it is successfully developed, it will effectively reduce manual working intensity and better protect Wanjia. "Lights," said Zujie.

"Now the people are no longer able to eat, wear warm clothes, live without housing, but they eat health, wear personality, and live widely; it is not a problem of rapid development, but development is good, there is a balance in The problem of inadequate balance and inadequacy. "Sitting in the podium of the People's Hall and listening to the reformer pioneer General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech, Ma Shanxiang, a mediator of Guanyinqiao Street in Jiangbei District of Chongqing, further strengthen the direction of future work: "I will improve The focus of the mass work focuses on new problems and emerging phenomena in social governance, and in improve the sense of constant gain, happiness and security. "


"Create a new and more new miracle of the Chinese country in the new era"

Members of the parties and cadres on the floor said the heroic statement of Secretary General Xi Jinping on the new journey of reform and opening in the new era will certainly bring the power of regeneration of the whole party and people of all nation together to promote history.

Reformer Pioneer, former Superintendent Procuratorate People of Shihezi City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, said that reform and opening of deepening will have to maintain the leadership of the party over all the work, constantly strengthen and improve the leadership of the parties, and always consider the sense the people for a better life as our goal. The rule of law is an important warrant for development and continues to promote fairness and social justice.

In December, the other Daqing was strong. The news that Wang Qimin wins "The Iron Man Man" has won the title of the revised pioneer Daqing Oilfield made to be incorporated in warmth and finish. The "Iron Man Spirit" has a long history, which inspires generations of oil people.

On the night of the 18th, the drilling team surgery of 30,706 Daqing Oilfield Drilling Engineering Company drilling machine was lightly illuminated. The mud workers, Wang Jianqing and employees, welcomed the serious cold inspection collection at less than Celsius degrees. Wang Jianqing said: "As an oil worker, there is a need to establish the" Iron Man "will, inherit the" Iron Man "spirit, continue to work hard, overcome difficulties, and contribute home-based oil with practical actions to undermine national regeneration. "

A few miles away from Daqing, next to the Maanshan desert beach in Lingwu City, Ningxia Yinchuan Hedong Airport, dozens of engineering vehicles are well organized and organized, setting the foundation for afforestation in spring of the year next.

"Although I retire, but my life is not dead, the rule of the sand is not limited, we have to repay society with better results." Reformation of the Ministry of Pioneer National Nature Reserve, Ningxia Lingwu Baijitan, former secretary and director of the party Wang Youde are confident in saying, in the future, we will turn waste land into an ecological park; The integration of choice, scenes, tourism and wellbeing, so that society can share the prevention and control of sand, and constantly create new miracles.

Wearing a cloth cap and a pair of ankle shoes, this is the dress of Wu Jinyin, the secretary of the Tangzhuang Town party, Weihui City, Henan Province for decades. By seeing him this time, it's as simple as usual.

"I was very proud and pleased to accept the title of the reformer pioneer." Wu Jinyin said that the general speech of the Secretary General Xi Jinping was inspirational and inspirational. We must follow the Plaid Central Committee's strategic plan for rural regeneration, one after another, to Tangzhuang. The town has created a beautiful harmonious and happy town, allowing the people to live a happier and happy life.

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