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On the morning of December 4th, the game's mobile phone has recently returned to the public domain of vision. It seems that this time, the game phone can make a difference. Previously, a number of mobile phone makers were also trying to make mobile phones on the game, but the announcement was not high, and eventually it failed. Nokia's first mobile phone with its own game – the Nokia 6110, is the first Nokia phone with built-in snake game.

Like Nokia's N-Gage, Finland has been trying to challenge Nintendo seriously.

The Nokia N-Gage has a shaped shape of the "tacos" shape, the d-pad can be touched to the side of the fuse, but the button on the right is not very comfortable to & # 39; w use. This game phone can also be used via Bluetooth or Connect to the Internet for multiple games. At the same time, this is also a mobile phone with the Saipan system with all communication functions, and there are even some good games available for users to choose.

The console has a Nintendo Game Boy Advance mobile game on the larger screen right (although its CPU performance is weaker) and more comfortable operating controls. It can be multi-player via GameLink (or wireless adapter) cable.

Winner: Nintendo's Game Boy Advance. In the last year, its sales reached tens of millions, and N-Gage ended in a failure within one year.

Sony also wants to challenge Nintendo in the portable console market, but Sony has not broken the PSP and has the same idea as Nokia – combining the console with the phone. Sony Ericsson's Xperia PLAY has a small touch in the middle of the keyboard that can be used to replace the joystick, but the touchpad operation experience is not as much as analog windows. What's worse is that Xperias tends to be within a processing power. System tools

Sony Vita PlayStation has a more powerful GP and AMOLED screen more, as well as a better physical button design for a pleasant operating experience. Vita runs a proprietary system that could affect the gaming experience. Sony also has heavyweight platform platforms with some major game developers: "Call of Duty", "Final Fantasy", "God of War", "My World", "Assassin & Creed" and so on.

However, these games are not compatible with Android, and Sony's mobile department is not as attractive as the public as Sony's interactive entertainment. This means that Xperia Play has almost any special content. One of the common uses is the simulator, which makes it ideal for old fashioned school games.

Winner: None Both devices are not up to expectations, and there are no subsequent version updates.

We pulled back to the present. Indeed, Nintendo's Switch is a huge success, and the public has forgotten the Wii U disappointment. In essence, there is a tablet with a wireless manager, or it can be used as tablets, which have & # 39 ; supported by NVIDIA chips, although NVIDIA has already been removed from the mobile space.

ASUS ROG random phones also include accessories that turn mobile phones into gambling phones, including hardware accessories, and even a second screen that can be used to convert Nintendo 3DS. Xperia is a game device as a manager, and ROG links its traditional features to a personal computer.

This means that it has a high refurbishment rate screen, binary chipset for higher clock speed, air cooling and even a desktop, keyboard and mouse display. If everything goes well, this phone will have a next version next year. Multi-purpose multi-purpose hardware updates are necessary for computer games smoothly (as well as smartphones).

Winner: Nintendo Switch. Certainly, this is the early stage of the smartphone current game, and perception and acceptance of the public is not high. The Nintendo profits have increased since the launch of this console, and selling game phones (ASUS ROG, Razer, Red Devil, Black Shark, etc.) have not reached record levels.

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