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French Media: Foreign Minister Maldives visits China before the end of the year or discusses debt issues | Maldives Foreign Ministers | Go to China _ China News


Original title: French media: Foreign Minister Maldives visits China before the end of the year, or discusses debt issues with China


According to Agence France-Presse reported on the 21st, Maldivian officials said on the same day that the foreign minister Shahid will visit China before the end of this year.

On the 20th, Shahid was holding talks with the Chinese Ambassador to the Maldives Zhang Lizhong. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Maldives said that both had discussed the "future Chinese investment projects and future collaboration with horses."

Agence France-Presse said that the Shahid visit to China is likely to have debated debt issues with China. After Saleh's new Maldive President came into force on the 17th, he criticized the construction projects promoted by the ex-government and led to the country's debt. Some members of the governing team said they will review some Chinese projects.

In terms of the "debugging" debate, Zhang Lizhong told the local media in Maldives that the total debt was $ 1.2 billion, and only half of China, and that the loan interest rate was as low as 2%, and the loan repayment period is five years. "If our friendly partner countries have been deeply refined in debt problems, we will not get anything." Zhang Lizhong rejected the "debt trap".

However, Agence France-Presse said that the Democratic Party, where President Maldivian Saleh has locked, says the debt of the country due to China is as high as $ 3 billion. (甄 べ)

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