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Foresight: Who will lose the fight in Guangdong Guangsha? Alian Daqiu New King Showdown – Ford, Final Round, Lenny, Point, Liaoning Team – Netease Sports

2018-12-14 17:55:13 Source: Netease Sports

Netease Sports reported on December 14th:

On the night of the 15th of December, the time of Beijing, the first round of the 20th round of the regular season of the CBA, the Guangdong team played against the Guangsha team. The final round of Guangdong was defeated, the opponent expired to 18 consecutive wins, using the advantage to the home court to get rid of the Guangshase is their best chance to resume. Guangdong has a leading position in the history of the game, and he has the opportunity to continue his advantage against the Guangsha. The last time Guangsha had just lost to Liaoning, he would also avoid losing.

Watch Guide:

Against both sides: Guangdong team GuangSong VS team

Over time: December 15th, 19:35

Location of the competition: Dongguan Dongfeng Nissan, Cultural Center and Sport

TV broadcasting: CCTV5 +, Guangdong Sports, Zhejiang Children

Recent developments on both sides:

The Guangdong team played against the Jilin team in the last round, Yi Jianlian, Weems, Delaney, the three main players, the first three quarters of the offensive hitting the wind, Guangdong team team scoring & # 39 ; r all the way to stay on. However, the Jilin team was exceptionally thin, and Jones and Lampe had a good scoring contribution. The young man, Jiang Weize, even scored three points and a little the difference. In the final section, Jones broke at the abusive end and scored 14 points to reverse the score. Guangdong eventually lost to 96-105, and the 18-game streak that ended with an opponent.

The Guangsha team played against the final round of the Liaoning team at home. With the personal crime of Fordson and Hu Jinqiu, and three suggestors Li Jinglong and Bolosi, the first three quarters of Guangsha held weak leadership. In the final, Guo Ailun and Hudson succeeded in consecutive shots, and the team team's crime was at a disadvantage. In the end, Guangsha lost to Liaoning in 95-100 and gave 8 opponents to the opponent. During the game, Guangsha Lou Ming's team investor blamed the adjudicator for breaking the rules, and was suspended by CBA Company for 2 games and fined 100,000 yuan.

Core matching:

Yi Jianlian VS Hu Jinqiu

Domestic players are an important factor in overall offensive performance. Yi Jianlian is the only domestic player in the game. He scored 26 points and 10 repetitions, and staged a magnificent flight buckle. Hu Jinqiu's mobile, COSCO and Capacity finish in the edge are remarkable, and the technical features can be considered in the weakest version of the United Arab League. The dialogue between the old and new generations of home-generated interior lines is inevitable and has become an important point for the game.

Delaney VS Fordson

The Delaney's recent personal crime performed better, scoring 25 points in the previous game. After almost 20 games with the Guangdong team, its abusive power was released gradually; Fordson played against the Liaoning team's personal crime, and the two 4 and 4 out of 9 points scored 16 points. Only through the normal level output of an attack firepower, Fordson can give enough resistance to the opponent's defense line, taking on the powerful power of his own team.

Fighting history:

Both teams have played 29 times in history, and the Guangdong team has 26 benefits and 3 losses that have an overwhelming advantage. There were two regular season rounds last season, both sides won and tied up.

Both parties are expected to start:

Guangdong: Zhao Rui, Delaney, Zhou Peng, Ren Junfei, Yi Jianlian

Guangsha: Lin Zhijie, His Ruoqi, Hu Jinqiu, Fortson, Sun Minghui

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