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Foreign media: Qualcomm said Apple is still selling mobile phones in China. Breaking court orders – News – Global Trade IC starts –

Source: Tencent Technology

2018-12-13 08:18

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Tencent Technology News On December 12, according to foreign media reports, Qualcomm said Apple was still selling an iPhone in China, which was cutting a recent court order.

Earlier this week, a Chinese court said a ban on Gymcomm that excludes the sale of almost all iPhones in China. But Apple denied that the ban applies only to devices that run on older operating systems. The iPhone currently runs iOS version 12 software.

The court's decision consists of two patents of Gymcomm that allow users to adapt and amend photos and manage applications when looking at the navigation request.

Apple refused to comment on Wednesday. On Monday, the company said, "Qualcomm's efforts to ban our products are another desperate attempt by the company. The company's illegal activities are being scrutinized by regulators worldwide."

Some analysts said Apple could customize its software due to the breakdown of software to ensure that the iPhones affected will continue to be sold in the future.

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