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Flower Flowers "is being moved today. There are four main points of attention "the beautiful song" – Yangzi Day News


Today, the tremendous massive system "Flower of the Flower" is moved. There are four main points of attention "the beautiful song"


The first Oscar-winning "The Flower of the Flower" film was officially registered in the country's big screens today. The movie also highlights the highlights posters and publicity of the mother and son in the film today, and revealed four peaks. Give the audience that you have to see the reason for this devastating system. A few days ago, the "Flower Day" was held in the country, and it was praised by the audience. Many fans expressed their tears and touched deeply.

The "first sight" feature movie that was highlighted today is the first episode of Macchia's exposure with Ariel after the disorder, and the process of rescuing the baby is the process Macchia has surprised by the great mum love. Start the most exciting story in The Flower Oath. In the posters, blue sky supports both male and female masters, and is set in a calm and beautiful spring. The end of the "Xibiol" is a symbol of the common memories of both including emotions and the mother and child.

Okada Yuri, "Flower of the Flower" is a continuation of warmth and warmth of animation, and tells a story about love, growth and sharing. The movie is released today, the following four perspectives believe that more fans can go to the theater to prove the charm of this masterpiece.

Aspect 1: Oscar glory is not reflected in the first 100% Tomato Rotten Fresh Fruit that won the new fashion Haicheng

The film "The Flower of the Flower" was received with great praise, not only won the Shanghai International Festival of Golden Jubilee Award in China, but also won the best animated feature film of the 91c Oscar, which won a lot of authoritative media in the overseas network. Recommended. The website has authoritative films 100% freshness for decoded tomatoes and 93% for domestic microblogs. Xinhaicheng has also praised praising the talents of the new directors and feeling on pressure.

Attitude 2: The movie style is beautiful and fresh. The seiyuu audio track audio track touches people's hearts.

As one of the few animated films of this fresh and beautiful style, "The Flower of the Sun" is not only famous for its poetry, but also for each frame in the movie. The paradise in the fairyteenth story, the quiet and quiet country of town, the dreamy flower sea, played this sad and beautiful poetry with each other.

As well as the well-received film style, the film's soundtrack was handled personally by a filmmate of Kawai Kenji's film soundtrack (a representative of the "Ghost in the Shell"). The line of alignment includes the first seiyuu line, such as Ishigaki Kasuga, Inoue Free, Yu Yugui, Sugita Chiwa, and Hirata Hiroaki. There is a strong combination of strengths and expectations.

Aspect 3: "Sharing and meeting" the core straight to the heart, emotional interpretation of ordinary human emotion

The movie "Flower of the Flower" tells the story of a girl who has been living for hundreds of years. After being killed, she met the orphaned Ariel. Grows up to be teenage Ariel and Machia, who has always kept the look of a girl, the story of "sharing and growing" that those who have experienced in the world run through the story of life.

Behind this fairytale story is an intense discussion about separation, encountering, growing, love and loneliness. It also has a slight touch of common human emotions: "Following others, the beginning of loneliness", if the end is separated It is already written, will you still choose this meeting? The netizen replied that "the meeting was accidental, and the farewell is the normal state of life. Although the end of each meeting will end in part, but the past love can fill the corner of the story." And finally "good to say Goodbye, the emotional decline, even more mobile.

Aspect 4: The theme of the mother's mother expresses the true meaning

In the movie, the long-term daughter of the "sharing family", Macchia, left her home because of the war. On the way, he married the orphaned Ariel. The girl who is not worried about the world has become a "mother". In light of life pressures and the shortage of life experience, she is still courageous to take on her mother's responsibility. She raises children of different races and puts the most exciting in the world. The love makes the whole movie full of emotions. Not only that, but the core of women's growth in the film also caused a lot of emotional resonance among female viewers. The netizen said: "Hey and sharing always bring people growth, and this is especially true for women." I saw the "shadow of my own" in Macchia's body.

The movie "Flower of the Flower" is in the heat of the country. Come in to the theater and give you a formal farewell!

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