Friday , January 22 2021

Fire in the forest in Muli County, Liangshan, Sichuan Province, causing 30 firefighters to sacrifice | Firefighting_ 新浪 财经 _ 新浪 网

A forest fire in Sir Muli, Liangshan, Sichuan caused 30 people to sacrifice

Xinhua News Agency's emergency management department learned on the 1st, after full search and rescue, 30 people in the forest fire at Muli County, Sichuan Province, have lost all firefighting personnel, 27 fighters forest fire and 3 local cadres and people have sacrificed. The Sichuan Provincial and Provincial Government Committee and the Emergency Management Department steer the work of firefighting, identifying the victims' remains, and the comfort and support of the family.

On Tuesday afternoon 31, a total of 689 officers and men of Liangshan Prefecture liquidation from Sichuan Forest Fire Brigade and local firefighters fought in the maiden forest 3,000 meters high. In the fire fighting operation, which was affected by the sudden change in wind and wind, the sudden fire began, and formed a huge fire ball immediately. The firefighters did fire in the place and avoided the danger, but 27 forest firefighters and three local firefighters lost contact.

The reporter from Sichuan Provincial Emergency Management Department learned that the forest fire area at Muli had reached 15 hectares on the 1st, and that the fire had not been controlled and there was great difficulty in turning it off.

According to Zhou Wei, deputy director of Sichuan Provincial Emergency Management Department, according to preliminary analysis by experts, it is likely that the fire will be caused by lightning. In the process of burning, there may be a phenomenon "flash", that suddenly leads to a partial fire. Staff evacuation is not timely. "It should be said that the local forces have motivated every police force to take part in the firefighting. The response of the professional team is still very timely." Zhou Wei said that the firefighters had moved in two ways after the initial "flaming", one of them managed to succeed. Unfortunately, sacrifice.

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