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The draw for the 2020 European Cup was successfully completed at the Dublin Convention Center yesterday. Second Germany was divided into Group C. After the European National League, he met again with the Netherlands.

The 2020 European Cup was chosen for the drawing ceremony. The picture shows the big screen after the ceremony. (Photograph: AFP)

(Dublin, Ireland, 2nd) The 2020 European Cup was successfully successful at the Dublin Convention Center yesterday. The second Germany was divided into Group C. After the European National League, he met again with the Netherlands.

In the European national league this year, the Netherlands and the two recent champions in the French and German world co-inhabited A-level 1 group, with no optimism, the Army Shirt Army accumulated 7 points in In the end, with a goal difference to force France to give half In the final, Germany scored one point only and was downgraded.

This time, the Netherlands and Germany met in the 2020 European Nations Cup. In the new hatred, both teams will face a fierce trigger. The other three teams in Group C are Northern Ireland, Estonia and Belarus.

Wells feels hard to touch the world second

The Wells group in the E will challenge the second run of the 2018 World Cup, and the team also has Slovakia, Hungary and Azerbaijan.

Wells, Gis, coach said: "Croatia Modric, one of the best players in the world, has a full team and you should never give it up. We have to have an excellent performance and have the chance to beat them. "

The most prominent match groups are Switzerland D Group against Denmark, Spain F Group against Sweden and Belgian Group I against Russia.

By contrast, the other first teams in England (Group A), Portugal (Group B), Poland (Group G), France (Group H) and Italy (Group J) are very good and they should be able to go through. .

Mancini: Avoiding Germany signing

In the same group with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Greece, Armenia and Liechtenstein, the Italian trainer Mancini was satisfied: "As far as we can avoid Germany, the other opponents are removed. have had a difficult time. Now is the time to be born again. "

In the 2020 European Cup final, there will be 24 teams competing. The first time in the eligible group will be eligible directly, and 16 teams will be selected at the European National League to take part in the players to decide on the other four seats.

In 2018, the first team of each group in the National League of Europe will be eligible for play off if they fail to qualify for the qualifying round. The remaining seats will be based on the results of the European National Alliance.

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