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Douban scored 8.4, “Soul of the Chess” lead producer responded why there is no emotional drama

Original title: Douban 8.4 points Top producer “Soul of Chess” responded why there is no emotional drama

China News Service, December 3, starring Dai Ying, Zhu Zhenhua, Zhao Wenzhu as lead producers, Liu Chang directed, Hu Xianxu, Zhang Chao, Hao Fushen, Zhao Haohong, Han Mubo, Zhai Guanhua, Sun Can, Wu Qianying, Ji Li and other “Soul of Chess” stars, officially ending on December 3. Currently, Douban’s score of 8.4 points.

The “Soul of the Game” still photos

“Soul of the Game” is adapted from the manga of the same name by the Shueisha of Japan. The plot revolves around a time story (played by Hu Xianxu) and Chu Ying (played by Zhang Chao), Nanliang’s chess god, who goes together on the road of youth growth, towards to a professional way, and looking for the “hand of God”. After all the joys and sorrows of youth, they both finally fulfilled their long-held wishes.

When “Soul of Chess” aired on October 27th, many viewers watched it with an early-stage “Tucao” mentality, but just a few days later, netizens made a “very catchy” voice on social platforms, “Soul of Chess “Douban The score also rose from 7.2 points all the way to 8.4 points. With the deepening of the plot, “Soul of Chess” has been well received. As an adaptation of the live-act comics, the play has become a new benchmark for the domestic comics.

With the popularity of “Soul of Go”, Go, a traditional Chinese cultural project, has entered the field of public vision once again. Many networks have expressed their interest in Go through the “Soul of Go” and want to do so Understand and learn Go. And “The Soul of Chess” has also been recognized for inheriting and developing traditional Chinese culture.

Compared to most youth dramas, “Hire of Chess” has made startling innovations – there are almost no emotional plays in the play. Jiang Xueming’s childhood lovers of Bai Xiaoxiao’s ignorant and secret love and secret to Shen Yilang are all point-to-point and extremely restrained. As to why this method was chosen, lead producer Zhu Zhenhua revealed in an interview that the main perspective of creation has always been the love and perseverance of this group of teenagers for Go, the constant core of creation.Return to Sohu to see more


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