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According to Taiwan's media reports, Hulk Hulk could not be transformed into the "Champions League 3: Unspecified War", and even being overcame by the tyrants. The netters passed to him to be afraid that he would face the tears, and the tyrants had the fight with huge games. Recently, the director of Russell Brothers came to the special screening and rumors about the two great rumors, "The tyrant defeats Hulk not because of the huge games, but the tyrant himself is enough to win. "

Hulk and dads

One of the directors, Joe Russell, said: "Hulk is not hit because of the huge games. The dizziness itself is enough to win. I will say it's so powerful, but you have not He saw it without using immortal games to fight. He believed that although Hulk is strong, but the fighting style is rather blind, and his assists are brave and good at war, "When both face each other, the warrior with higher war skills will win even if Hulk is strong enough to defeat the tyrant, and finally defeat the tyrant. He's more intelligent. "

The netizen madness, Robert Bruce Banner, could not turn into Hulk because he was afraid to face the tyrant. However, Joe Russell rejected this statement. "I think he's tired of the end to play a Banner hero." He believes that this is an interesting process to explore the next development of Benner in the Marvel universe. "A subject is two different people. I hate each other, both want to control this body. We have a direction. If we always use Hulk to solve the problem, what should Huok have Are you more interested in solving the problem? So the relationship becomes more and more abnormal. This is what happened here. "

Fighting tyrants and Raytheon

"Avenger League 4" has not yet received any news, netizens are still looking for clues from "Avengers 3". As Thor Thor is almost overcame the tyrant at the last minute, fans have always thought if the Earthquake is more powerful than the Glove Infinity. One of the directors, Joe Russell, answered: "There's definitely the ability to resist unlimited gloves."

However, another director, Anthony Russell added: "Despite this, I believe that the tyrant is a crucial event and is not captured by mistake. He does not know that the glove has such a big strength. edit, if he / she understands that the tool is in Beth, it may be possible to use stones in different ways, but it's everywhere. "

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