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Dietician talks about Zhong Lijun "Drinking oil and detoxification": increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease – Detoxification, Ms. Zhang, coconut oil, Beiqing Daily – Beijing Youth Daily

2019-02-04 13:27:01 Source: Beijing Youth Daily

(Original title: Zhong Lizhen "Healthcare or detoxification" is healthcare or misleading? There is no qualification for a "Thai style detox camp" in China. The subsidy is 2,500 yuan. The nutritionist said that oil drinking increases the risk of disease.

Recently, Zhong Lizhen's actor was warmly discussed by the Internet for "health means." Previously, Zhong Lijun told Weibo that she had taken her father and her father-in-law to take part in the 11-day "detoxification procedure" in Koh Samui, Thailand. In 11 days, they only drink oil, but they feel relaxation, diabetes, high blood pressure and liver cirrh can be discharged through this treatment.

After the release of "Zhong Lijun" microblog health, it caused a lot of discussion. Some netizens questioned that "drinking oil and detoxification" is not scientifically. It's easy for women's stars to send such micrographs to mislead everyone. The health science platform llog doctor has also sent forward to Zhong Lizhen Weibo, "the detoxification products can eventually be released, it's just the money in the wallet."

According to a survey conducted by Beiqing Daily correspondent, the organizers of the "Detox Camp" said that drinking and detoxification was unsure, but effective for the body. Nutritionists say "enzymes" and "detoxification" in all misconceptions. If you drink inappropriate, it will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Thai women's star "drink oil detoxification" does not question scientifically

Zhong Lizhen is an actress in Hong Kong who was known to the audience for his many film and television work. But in recent days, Zhong Lizhen has been on Weibo because of his health.

On January 28th, Zhong Lizhen drew a group of pictures. Pictured, Zhong Lizhen and his family raised a pot of oil on the seafront. He said she had finished her day-to-day detoxification treatment in Koh Samui, Thailand with a father and father-in-law. In 11 days they were only oil, but felt that many toxins in the body were discharged, and felt very comfortable. Zhong Lizhen also said, "Many body diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cirrhosis can be released through this procedure." Zhong Lizhen also suggested that more friends go to Koh Samui to detox.

After the microblog was published, many food labels caused to discuss. Many netters thought that there are not so many "toxins" in the body. Healthy diet and exercise need health. Some netizent questioned whether Zhong Lizhen was "brainwashed" and recommended by women's stars. "Drinking oil and detoxification" is not scientifically and easily misleading to others.

On February 2, Lilac Weibo's science platform wrist physician said: "The detoxification products can eventually be released, it's just the money in the wallet." This nappy doctor does not do it too. Smaller networks have been forwarded, stating that they have to believe in science.


Zhong Lijun said he did not speak thoroughly. Just want to express a feeling of speed.

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