Saturday , January 16 2021

Come out after a thousand calls! “The King of Fighters 15” trailer announced, more details next month-Game-cnBeta.COM

SNK officially announced that it will announce the official trailer of “The King of Fighters 15” on January 7, 2021. This time, the officer brought us information as the game’s predecessor and a simple introduction of game characters. The trailer brings the main character of the game Kusuna Kyo (as handsome as ever), Red Maru and Shukage. Shun Ying will appear for the first time as the main character for the first time, with new moves added, and the plot will take over “King of Fighters 14”.


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“The King of Fighters 15” preview:

Kusanagi Kyrgyzstan has a new look, and this work comes on stage with a black jacket. Hongwan returned to the outside a custom sleeveless shirt, with some oriental elements in the exterior design, and the overall design is in line with Hongwan’s image.

In addition, the producer also said that will be bringing real machine graphics on January 17th, new characters will be added to “The King of Fighters 15”, which is very different from “The King of Fighters 14” from team formation and will be announced next year. For new information, interested players can pay attention to it.

Video screen:

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