Wednesday , June 29 2022

"Chrome Canvas" allows you to graffiti in your browser


There are apps that allow you to paint on tablets, mobile phones, or devices that are related to touching others flexibly, many of which have to store a corresponding network, but if you want to remember something, or remove concept In drafts, the "Chrome Canvas" tool that Google has launched can calmly be able to meet their needs.

Chrome Canvas is very simple, just opening the by browser (not necessarily Chrome, as long as you support WebAssembly), you can start painting directly. The interface provides four manuscripts, such as pencils, pins, oil pins and carbon strips, as well as the offset tool, but unlike many similar tools, the content & & # 39; n pull it really a bit field, not a vector. That is, the two overlapping lines are already "mixed" with each other, and it can not be deleted with each other only, not just one.

Although it can be removed with a mouse or touchpad, this tool is clearly more suitable for flat panel fingers and even pulling stalls. After completing your masterpiece, you can save it as a png file, but the current function is almost like this. I do not know if Google will increase its functionality if it is used more.

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