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Chinese women's football developments to the East Asian Cup finals – Beijing Daily – Hanfeng Net


2018-12-06 04:51:47 Source: Beijing Daily

Beijing time yesterday, the third round of the East Asian Women's Football Qualification 2019 was held in Guam. The Chinese team team team defeated a Chinese 2-0 team, and reached the final with a total of 3 winners and goals.

In 2019, the East Asian Cup is held in South Korea. Thus, the fourth Korean women's football team in the East Asian Cup was developing directly to the final, and the Chinese women's third-graduate football team started with the qualifiers. In the first two rounds of qualifiers, the Chinese team beat the Mongolian team and the Hong Kong team in China with an absolute advantage of 10-0 and 6-0 respectively. Yesterday, in the face of the same Chinese Taipei team that won two games, the Chinese team had an advantage at the opening stage: In the 10 minutes, the opponent's goalkeeper was thrown off the ball, and Wang Shanshan succeeded to shoot the empty goal in the goal area. Two minutes later, Xiao Yuyi moved to the next city. Ultimately, he won the Chinese 2-0 team and finished to the final with a total of 3 win, 18 goals and no goals.

Chinese team coach Jia Xiuquan said that although the team is not at the best, he has still achieved his goal of promotion. He said the team will continue to follow the overall style of play. "We are a team that looks at the team. The general operations of the team, general co-ordination, and crime and general protection need to work together." Talk about the aim of the East Asia Cup next year, Jia Xiuquan said: "I hope that the girls will achieve good results in enjoying football, of course, the ultimate goal is to win the championship."

Wang Shanshan, who scored 6 goals in three games, said the team was still facing more challenges, including the World Cup, the East Asian Cup and the Olympic competitors. Next, the Chinese women's football team will travel to Australia for training.

(Source article: Beijing Daily)

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