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Chinese version of "Mama Mia!": Chinese musicians or "small goals" achievable – all of this, let me, let's all – Beijing Youth Daily


2018-12-21 09:13:03 Source: Beijing Youth Daily

◎ Shang Xiaolei

"Mama Mia! A classic musician who has always been played in the world. She was born and played at West End of London for almost 20 years in 1999. He has also been in Broadway in New York for 14 years. International issues of different languages ​​are numerous. Once daily, there were seven versions of "Mama Mia!" "At the same time, it will be staged worldwide.

This poem has almost all the conditions for becoming a big fan. First of all, like jukebox music, "Mama Mia! The songs of this song are sung from the popular bands of ABBA band of the Swedish group in the 1970s and 1980s. They are extremely eager and bring a very high flow.

Secondly, the producers have made great efforts in the adjustment. The organizer transforms the Nordic band genre to the enthusiasm of the Greek island. Writers combine 22 songs in the story of the mother and girlfriend's love, which shows multiple attitudes towards life. He is also more intelligent communicating the relationship between women's independent conscience, money and freedom, middle-aged crisis cure and how to deal with an old girlfriend. What is scarce is that everything is done in a beautiful, fun and loving atmosphere. Contemptive but never preaching, it's stimulating but not defective, just like the positive and optimistic stream of the Mediterranean Sea.

In addition, the original quality and standards of the original production, especially the skills of the actors who create the characters outside the song and dance, also lay the foundation for the success of the following versions. Ten years ago, I watched the Western version of the Prince of Wales Theater in London. After a few songs, a large number of viewers were already stunned and could not sit. The songs of the ABBA band have inspired and comforted the British society that suffered from multiple assaults such as the oil crisis, inflation and terrorist events in the 1970s, and "Mama Mia!" In the past 20 years, he has continued the charm of art and entertainment, and many people have a wonderful life in his singing songs.

Recently, "Mama Mia! The Chinese version of the tour was opened and held at the Beijing Tianqiao Arts Center. This year is the fourth Chinese version round of the show ready. To be honest, I have a little bit of I missed in my heart. After watching some musicians in the United Kingdom, the United States, South Korea and China in recent years, Yifa feels, although the level of creating a home music drama improves continuously , it is still difficult to see a comprehensive development in the delivery of foreign foreign copyright overseas and to make Chinese versions and close to international standards. The reasons are simple. Simply there is no money No, no market.

Music production is expensive. In the United Kingdom and in the United States, where industrial grade is extremely high, the cost of musical production is generally millions of dollars. The most expensive "Spider-Man" in the history of Broadway costs $ 79 million. Market that can be easily accessible. Music has started from casting. Music, dance, band, costumes and dance are much more complicated than ordinary plays, all of which are indispensable parts of production quality. The corresponding investment is very expensive, and the money is not at all. In France, the best practice of sacrificing quality to save money is even more important.

In addition, the pool pool is also a problem. Music actors need to have excellent singing and physical conditions, and they must also perform. They sing for two or three consecutive months for eight or three months. They need to be self disciplinary. After all, at the stage of the cast, the audience knows "no." Many Chinese art colleges have long-established musical drama majors, but excellent musical talents are not enough. In particular, the actors can not be guaranteed, what's the best? Some of the dramas were forced by the timetable and cost limit, and they must be discounted on the casting. Play quality was also a direct blast. Musical plays are completely exotic in China. Without high-level work, it is hard to attract audiences in the current performing market. Restrictions of these three aspects can not be resolved, or overnight professionalism.

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