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Cariad Juventus! Then, the agent said details of the transfer of C Ronald: he told me that only Juventus was – Juventus, Real Madrid, tell me, I and I wanted – Football Tribe APP


2018-12-23 11:14:58 Source: APP Tribe Football

Original title: Love Juventus! Then the agent came to the details of C Ronald: he told me that he just wanted to go to Juventus.

Beijing time on December 23, the Spanish media "Aspen", the main Mendes broker at an interview recently, said C Ronaldo Real Madrid left this summer, just for joining Juventus.

In this summer, Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid for nine years and joined Juventus for € 117 million. It is said that when Ronaldo has left Real Madrid, there are other options. Superbroker Mendes said C Ronaldo had left Real Madrid, choosing Juventus, who did not consider other teams.

"In January 2018, I and a few people who knew what happened happened that C Ronaldo was very hard to join Juventus, however, I would say that the idea of ​​joining Juventus has started with & # 39 , the players said Ronaldo told me that he just wanted to go. Juventus. I mentioned the Bianconer for a couple of months, so we all know how these discussions ended. "

Mendes mentioned that Cristiano Rodriguez joins Juventus. "Ronaldo is now very satisfied with the club and team friends. He is very happy with Serie A." He is very happy at Juventus. "

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