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Should the men and women look at the other half of the phone? Today, the powerful "Frenzy Phone Mobile" comedy released the "See and Do not Watch" version of the trailer, such as the similar confusion in the core conflicts of the close relationship of older people.o

The "Mobile Phones" film is directed by the director, Li Wei, Wang Si, Wang Huan, and Zhang Yibai. He tells three pairs of companions – two couples close to each other, a couple in love, and one woman in a lunch party. When I played a deadly game of all public mobile phone content, it stimulated a coherent debate about whether men and women should watch another half of the mobile phone.

In the game of seeing and recruiting, the relationship between seven players Ma Dawei, Ma Li, Huo Siyan, Qiao Shan, Tian Yu, Dai Lele, and Meng Meng Yao have become gradually clear.

Soul torture: Should men and women look at the other half of the phone?

In the "See and Do not Look" version of the trailer, he suddenly remarked the biggest debate between men and women: between men and women, watching and not looking at each other's mobile phones, just like sending offer. "You said, how do women have such a big interest in men's mobile phones?" The questioning of the Huo Siyan question led to everyone's attitude towards this controversial issue.

Qiao Shan, who is obsessed with mobile phones everyday, is determined not to show his wife Huo Siyan, and Huo Siyan is trying to find her best. I want to see my married wife Meng Mengyao's mobile phone, but I'm sorry to talk. I can hit the side of the game, but Meng Mengyao has never noticed that I'm embarrassed about my mobile phone. The man dismissed the Tian Yu model of a blind eye to his wife's mobile phone to maintain the life of marriages. Deloitte was tired of hiding the mobile phone and published: "Do you really think everyone is doing well?" Marley, who is in the feast alone, is similar to many of us. There is a person whose phone is hijacked by a mobile phone. Although she is not single, she does not have to worry about her partner's suspicion, but her mobile phone also includes secrets that can not be recognized by the outside.

Everyone in the movie "Mobile Phone Frenzy" can find a prototype in real life about the question whether men and women should see another half of the mobile phone. But no matter whether you're looking at it or not, everyone has to take the results to select.

佟大为 兄 弟 吻 奚瑶瑶 手背

The results are serious and careful. See and not watch all offers.

"One of which men and women should see another half of the mobile" is a subject that has often been mentioned in recent years. Different people have different choices, and different options result in different results.

If you choose not to look at it, although you express your attitude of trusting one another, your own doubts will not be answered, but it will accumulate more and more, and inevitably will lead to a crack the relationship. At this time, the mobile phone became a knife hanging on top of the couple, the worry of their hearts forever. If you choose to see it, the trust established between the two persons will be released. Even if the other mobile phone does not have problems, it will not return to its original state. In addition, each person's mobile phone is more confidential, and if a couple see it, the result is even more destructive.

As the trailer said: seeing and not watching, a motion: love and not a love, is a problem without a problem. "Whether one or both men and women should see another half of the mobile phone" is a problem that even can not be answered.

The fate of the role, whether men and women should look at each other's mobile phones and how people and mobile phones should go along, the "Mobile Phones" movie will be released on December 29th, I believe it will gives us a satisfactory answer.

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