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Bytes is going to tackle poverty starting "DOU in the mountains is good views", four main measures to help alleviate literary travel poverty – News – Global Trade IC starts Here –

"Shake becomes a new holding of relieving poverty in the literary brigade. We hope the vibrato can make the good views in the mountains become good views in the world." On November 29, in the Daocheng, Sir Prefecture Ganzi, Sichuan Province, the byte hitting the poverty alleviation Manager Yang Jie announced that the official launch of the project "DOU will be good views in the mountains" use vibrate as the main platform to help more poverty areas to help the poor.

The "DOU in the Mountains" project will provide a complete set of programs such as traffic reinforcement, product support, talent training, and station certification for poor counties with beautiful scenes, helping more poverty counties to create business cards for the industry cultural.

Lu Zhijun, Sichuan State Fellow and Culture re-level inspector, Wang Chengkang, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Provincial Gansu, and deputy secretary of the Daocheng Plaidiau Committee of the County and the magistrate of Yuliang Fan also attended the conference and presented speech. Lv Zhijun said "DOU in the mountains is a good look". The Poverty Alleviation Project is an important platform to bring tourism products to the market in poverty areas. It is also an innovative and beneficial attempt to help alleviate tourism poverty.

The most popular county attractions in Sanming have been located in counties who are suffering from poverty.

With the increase in broadband speeds and the popularity of large screen mobile phones, the threshold for promoting the self-literature industry in poor areas is falling rapidly during the short video period. The elements of the screen, high definition and full music of the vibrato are particularly suitable for spreading spectacular views. Yang Jie believes that this means that Wuyin is given the opportunity to promote and enhance the development of the cultural tourism industry in poverty areas. This is also the reason why the byte kills poverty relief and the "DOU project is good mountain views".

Relevant data also confirms this opinion. According to the "VoXing County Spot Spotsic Data Spot" report, around 30% of the 100 most popular scenic areas in the county are poverty counties; Four of the top ten counties in Vibrato are in the counties of poverty, including Fenghuang County. Sir Daocheng, Sir Luanchuan to Yonghe County; Among the ten most scenic sites in Chaoyin, there are five scenic areas in poverty counties, including Yonghe Yellow River Snake National Geological Park, Shangshan Zhuang Huahai, Wuqinghai, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Glass and milk. Sea.

And where the conference was held – Daocheng County, which belongs to a county of poverty, has already felt the change that the vibrato has brought. According to the tourism data released by the Daocheng County Government, during the first half of 2018, Daocheng County received around 700,000 domestic and overseas tourists, an increase of more than 55%. Wang Qiang, director of the Daocheng Administration of Aden Scenic Area, said the vibrato played a major part in the tourism of the Spanish Daocheng Area. Many of these tourists came here because of the vibrato.

Previously, the Byte and Vibrate War Poverty Alleviation team had made some efforts in the Poverty Mitigation. In August of this year, Byte Poverty Mitigation Designed a local tourism promotion program for Yonghe County, a nationally poverty-rich nation, to help the local specialty of Qiankun Bay brand design new "乾坤 喜 照". The associated challenge won more than 10 million people on the vibrato stage, and doubling the number of visitors during the eleventh phase.

Four important initiatives to help hematopoietic literary travel to alleviate poverty

Yang Jie said the project "DOU will be good mountain scenes" will implement the concept of mitigating haematopoietic poverty, reducing poverty alleviation and mitigating poverty in detail, starting with four aspects: reinforcing traffic, talent training, product support and vibrato certificate.

First of all, the Beat and Vibrate Byte Poverty Relief team will provide free promotional travel promotions for poor areas, organize professional content teams to access the local collection, professional content production, high quality, and establishment challenges, etc., to increase the flow of high quality attractions. , to help the local to complete the cool start of national popularity.

At the same time, products such as the store can depend on the location of geographical location and help poor areas explore potential eating and drinking facilities and promote the long-term development of the local cultural tourism industry. These features, as well as enhancing the information of the video itself, can also effectively drive related revenue revenue growth.

In September this year, it triggered byte-hopping poverty alleviation and co-operation with Luanchuan County County, state level poverty, 2.19 million people to discuss the beauty of Luanchuan in the vibrating sound, and brought the local special poverty alleviation project "Deeping the Cloud Mother ". There was a short video with information related to stores like more than 100,000. Many residents around the county town, because of this video, came to the noodles shop in the village. During the 11th period, the farmhouse noodles "House House" was full daily at the time, and it had to be busy until 3 or 4 pm to rest. The 7-day revenue exceeded 20,000 yuan.

The "DOU in the Mountains" project is good views "has also reached co-operation with the Renmin University of China Journalism School. Both joint parties will provide comprehensive curriculum training for people's poverty alleviation, so that they can master all aspects of content creation, e-commerce, brand management and other skills. In addition, the poverty areas selected for the purpose of the option will be certified as "Voice and Good Punch".

"DOU in the mountains is good views", which is a continuation of the "Gold Rice Ear Scheme" which was proposed in July this year. At this point, the picture of the "Golden Rice Ears Project" has become very clear: on the one hand, the "mountain head" project, which has been "#; based on headlines today, helping the country's mountain goods out of the countryside; On the other hand, it is mostly the vibrato "DOU in the mountains" in the stage is a good scenery project, helping the county's rural tourism experiencing poverty to help the poor.

The conference also announced the latest progress of the "Three Rural Partners" program. Wang Xiangdong, a member of the Specialist Advisory Committee "The Thirty Year Scheme 13", Li Wei, the Chair of the Chinese Photographers' Association, the Yangling Agricultural Industry Demonstration Zone, and three ultimate wealthy creators, "Southern Xiaorong" and "Six Fields Bach" And "a kind of people walking countryside" has become a new batch of "three rural partners."

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