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Basically, the new airport flight route is completed. "Initial show of five vertical and two horizontal network" | Daxing Airport | New Airport _ Sina News


Original title: The new airport footpath has essentially completed. The "five vertical and two horizontal" network is shown initially.

Beijing Business News (Tao Feng Yu Xinyi Reporter) According to the Beijing Municipal Communication Commission, on 2 December morning, the Daxing International Airport Entrance, the new rail transport line and four Pont Tuanhe bridge had synchronized. The "Three Lines and Four Bridges" Contemporaneous Rotation Project was successfully completed from the Beijing-Shanghai Railway. The opening of the airport-driven traffic neck highway "indicates that the main body of the Daxing International Airport Roadway is basically complete, and the highest part of an airport line The new rail train had to connect basically. It is expected that Daxing Airport Express will be the first to open in the first half of next year.

According to the reports, the multi-bridge bridging design of rivers, highways and railways in the same location took approximately one and a half years to form. The conversion project has regenerated the construction of large bridge clusters at home and abroad. The new entry marks the completion of the entire line of the Daxing International Airport Entrance. The upper part of the new rail transport line line has essentially linked, and the "throat highway" for the Daxing International Airport complementary traffic has opened. According to the relevant technical personnel of the 12th China Railway Office, the total weight of the four rotation bridge clusters is 10,000 tonnes, and the highest turning body is 70 degrees. It consists of two bridges on the left and southern side of the Beijing-Shanghai Railway on the Daxing International Airport Access Road, one new rail transport line and one bridge across the Beijing-Shanghai Railway on Tuanhe Road.

At the same time, due to passenger transport and Beijing-Shanghai rail transport cargo, an average train passes every 7 minutes. Therefore, the transition period is only a 90 minute window ". The construction time must be correct to the second, which reduces the Impact of the operation of a rail; When compared to the scheme two times, the synchronous trigger saves 90 minutes of seamless time, ensuring that a number of pairs of passenger trains and goods are operated & # 39; promptly.

According to the plan, a three dimensional and three dimensional transport network will be built around the Beijing New Airport, four highways, including the new airport access road, Jingkai Road Road, the Beijing-Taiwan Expressway and New Airport Highway. Three railways will be built, including New Access Airport, Jingxiong Railways, and the Intercity Langyu Railway. The new airport footpath and the new airport expression line provide direct access to the middle of Beijing and connecting to the urban rail network. By that time, Beijing New Airport will become the largest integrated transport hub in China.

Li Xin, Director of Engineering Department of Beijing Municipal Commission, said that the Beijing-Taiwan expansion project and the expansion of the Jingkai Expressway project have been successfully completed and the Daxing North Road Route is in the "Two Horizontals "is also being built. In the future, the citizens will go to Daxing Airport. As well as the Daxing Airport Highway, the residents of the eastern city can also reach the airport through the Beijing-Taiwan Road and Daxing Airport Field. Western city residents can also reach Beijing-Kaikai Road and Daxing North North Line. Airport.

Zhang Zhuting, a professor at the Ministry of Communications Management Department, said in an interview with Beijing Business Daily that Daxing Airport, as a transport center and distribution center, needed to have the role of clearing passenger and goods transport. This requires the transportation network to be "in all directions", as Daxing Airport is far from the urban area. Far away, the new airport access line, the new airport footpath, the Beijing-Taiwan fast road and other travel modes will reduce the distance of citizens. At the same time, as well as serving Beijing, depending on Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei traffic integration strategy, Daxing Airport needs to reduce its relationship with Tianjin. Time and space distance between the cities of Langfang and Xiong. According to reports, in the future, starting from Beijing New Airport, you can reach Tianjin, Tangshan, Baoding and other cities within an hour. Within two hours, you can reach Shijiazhuang, Qinhuangdao, Jinan and other cities. Within three hours, you can reach cities such as Taiyuan, Zhengzhou and Shenyang. The radiation capacity of the hub at the new airport.

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