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Barcelona up and down requires the top 16 to die in Roman revenge. Manchester United is not the most afraid of touching Mourinho – Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Mourinho, Real Madrid, Liverpool – La Liga's little fish brother

2018-12-15 08:32:17 Source: Little Fish Brothers La Liga

Original title: Barcelona up and down demands the top 16 die in Rome, delays. Manchester United is not the most afraid of touching Mourinho

UEFA Champions League is coming soon. Barcelona is hoping to meet Roman devotion in the choice of future opponents. The biggest team facing it is Manchester United.

Last season, Barcelona won a warth in the last quarter of the Champions League Championship. The first round defeated Rome 4-1 at home, but the second round went to the game away and a 0-3 loss. Barcelona was the background board for the biggest collision in the history of the Champions League. Barcelona is hoping to meet Rome again and complete a dial.

In terms of difficulty of dialing, this season of Real Madrid's performance can easily kill Rome during the group stage, and Barcelona saw the hope of the Roman knockout. However, some fans hope to take Schalke 04. The Ruhr Team team is believed to be the weakest team in the 8 Champions League Champions team.

Barcelona does not want to meet Manchester United, Mourinho coach, Mourinho has trained Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid and Barcelona playing a game against Mars, Barcelona wants to win and win very hard. As well as coming across Liverpool, Barcelona was facing a strong offensive opponent, still having a lot of trouble.Go back to Sohu and see more

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