Monday , June 27 2022

Astronomers observe the far-reaching celestial body of the "Farout" solar system – Exploring Science – cnBeta.COM


According to foreign media reports, scientists have observed the objects that are to come further in the solar system to date. The first astronomers observed on this celestial body gave his pseudonym of the Farout name, but at the same time she had an official name temporary but rather boring – 2018 VG18.


It is understood that Farout is 3.5 times more than the Earth situation of the Earth situation, and is 3.5 trillion miles longer than Eris, the second largest celestial body we know.

David Tholen, a co-founder of the Hawaiian University, explained: "We all know about VG18 2018 its extreme distance of the sun, its sharp diamond and its color. Because the VG18 2018 is too Far from the Earth, it turns around Speed ​​speed is very slow, and it seems that it can take more than 1,000 years to recycle the sun. "

Although long distance is so difficult to determine the details, astronomers say that its brightness shows that it is a spherical river planet about 500 kilometers in diameter – about half Ceres. Like many other celestial bodies on the far side of the solar system, Farout also looks pink.

In October, researchers announced that the discovery of another distant celestial body, Goblin, appears to have a strange orbit that could affect a planet that is suspended from the intersection of the interstellar space and is invisible to the size overground. However, the research team said they are still sure whether the mysterious severity of an underground will also affect Farout. If so, this nickname will become more appropriate.

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