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After "78" of the four major banks, small and medium-sized banks support the private enterprise policy to submit one after another –


Following "78" of the four major banks, small and medium-sized banks have supported the policy of private enterprises.

■ Mao Yuzhou Reporter

Following the four major banks in the middle of the November policy of supporting private enterprises, measures have been introduced to support private enterprises such as the Industrial Bank and the China CITIC Bank during the last week.

CITIC Bank said that it will support the Delta River Yangtze region, the Pearl River Delta region and the Yangtze Economic Belt correctly, where the private economy is active, and support developing and developing industries strategic such as the Internet, new energy, new materials and high-end equipment. The Industrial Bank said that it will increase the credit supply to private enterprises, increase the promotion and promotion of private enterprise credit financing products, focusing on expanding private enterprise funding channels, continuing to improve the & # 39 business system ; n financing, and promoting profit reduction.

Distribution of private enterprises

Small and medium-sized banks

Private enterprises expect new loans from "one to two". In the new corporate loans, large banks have no less than one third of loans to private enterprises, and small and medium-sized banks do not have fewer than two thirds. After three years of competition, banking industry loans to private enterprises accounted for for less than 50% of new corporate loans.

Subsequently, the four major state-owned banks led the launch of a policy to support private enterprises, a total of 78. In recent days, there are a number of banks on the Co has supported intensive private enterprises.

The CITIC Bank announced 14 initiatives, including strengthening bond services, enriching equity financing services, tailoring international financial services for private enterprises, and actively implementing innovative services such as loan and investment links and science and technology funds.

An Industrial Bank has published 19 articles to support private enterprises, including fulfilling its comprehensive operational benefits and competitive advantages in the investment banking sector, promoting the successful rate of publishing high quality private enterprise bonds, promoting the return of funding interest rates, and the use corporate non-financial debt financial instruments and ventures. Asset securitization tools help private enterprises to maximize their balance by bonding bonds and stock assets.

Jiangsu Bank launched 20 support for private enterprises. In the assessment, he added credit and pressure indicators for private enterprises; Special incentive fees have been allocated for private enterprises, focusing on the number of new customers and loans, and stimulating grassroots organizations to support private enterprises. Enthusiasm.

Everbright Bank launched five important initiatives to support private enterprises: First, to achieve four "one-of-a-kind" to support the development of private enterprises; secondly, to explore the establishment of debt equity funds to maximize the structure of accountability of private enterprises; third, to allocate special credit lines to support outstanding private enterprises. Development; The fourth is to bring the benefits of both places in the Mainland and Hong Kong to play, and reduce the cost of funding effectively; The fifth is to give industrial benefits to play and work with private enterprises to achieve win-win results.

Zheshang Bank recently said that it will increase the location of private enterprises next year, and will give around 130 billion yuan, and increase the proportion of private funding further.

According to the "Securities Daily" correspondent, at present, a number of banks have added the number of new customers and loan amounts from private enterprises to assess customer management and their implementation to individuals.

Banks add private enterprise loans

More than 30%

According to the statistics "Securities Daily", the proportion of loans to private enterprises in the banking industry currently accounts for more than 30%, and most of them are still in 50%.

From the end of September 2018, a private enterprise loan from Bank Industrial was 518.8 billion yuan, up 11% from the beginning of the year, and private enterprises accounted for 36%. In the same period, the balance of private enterprise loans from China Everbright Bank reached 386.3 billion yuan, an increase of 49.5 billion yuan for start-ups, accounting for 39% of the total loan increase, and the growth rate was higher or the overall bank loan growth rate. The CITIC Bank private enterprise loan balance was 731.5 billion yuan, accounting for 38% of public loans; the general loan balance was 123.2 billion yuan, an increase of 38.4 billion yuan.

It's worth noting that Minsheng Bank has been focusing on Xiaowei and has achieved outstanding successes in private enterprise loans. Data shows that Minsheng Bank has added 150 billion yuan of public loans since the beginning of this year, and more than 75% are used to support the development of private enterprises. In the Minsheng Bank public loan loan, private enterprise loans have already occupied half of the country.

As a large bank owned by the state, by the end of October, there were almost 80,000 private enterprises with ICBC funding balances, an increase of 8% compared to start-ups year, accounting for almost 80% of the total funding initiatives, and the funding balance was 2.1 trillion yuan; The interest rate was 4.7%, which was a significant reduction of 5.37% at the end of the first quarter.

From the end of September this year, China has supported 537,000 customers who give credit to private enterprises, with a loan balance of 1.53 trillion yuan, which accounts for 30.18% of the balance of domestic loans. (Securities Daily)

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