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Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix Station · Smith "hijacked" before the game · Xiaohan has still changed the model – Sports | Without Chew Daily

In 2018, the Grand Prix F1 officially closed in Abu Dhabi yesterday. World champion The driver of Marseille, Hamilton, usually used his great skills to drive the car back to the finish line (1 hour 39 minutes 40.382 seconds), welcoming the 11th season . And the Crown.

The funny video recorded by Will Smith and driver of Marseille Hamilton became one of the highlights of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix F1. (Photograph: AFP)

(Abu Dhabi, 26th) The Grand Prix F1 2018 officially became Abu Dhabi yesterday. World champion Martin's driver, Hamilton, usually used his great skills to drive the car back to the finish line (1 hour 39 minutes 40.382 seconds), which won the 11th crown of the season. At the "hijacking" before the movie star, Well Smith, spent an "unusual" weekend.

On Sunday, Marseille Will Smith was invited to record a funny video with Hamilton. I saw that Hamilton, who had won the driver's championship in advance, was connected to the chair by Smith with dense vinyl. Smith said: "Louis (Hamilton), let's make an agreement, this is the only opportunity in my life. You've already won, you should give the opportunity to others."

Later, Smith Smith walked into the garage wearing a shirt and helmet of a driver of Marseille, pretending he was a little man to prepare for the competition, and finally he was detected and found; to be disposed of by the security guardian.

Xiaohan was laughing and said: "He wants to be active, so we did a little slip and ten minutes before I went on the bus. This is the time I used to prepare".

Hamilton, who changed the regular mode before the game, still showed that he was "routinely" on the path: managing the game with stable driving skills and winning the 11th season crown. After the game, he and Vettel and Alenso, three world champions, also make a farewell to the 2018 season.

Vettel finished second in the game after praising Hamilton, referring to him as a "deserving" world champion and warning him that Ferrari will return strongly next season.

Arenso, 2nd world champion who left the 11th Formula 1 field, will take part in other events to continue with the driver's "grand slam" racing and targeting career. He has won the F1 Monaco and Le Mans hours 24 hours, only to Indianapolis 500, to win the Grand Slam.

To this, Alenso said: "I have other goals other than F1. I want to be the most comprehensive or best driver in the world. I want to win all the other events and the car is also very happy."

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