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213.5 billion! Double Tmall 11 final turnover to cut record – Finance News


Every morning, today is November 12. Yesterday, 213.5 billion! Tmall will return the double record 11 breaking the record; On the morning of the 12th he will welcome the first batch of double returns 11; fight with many CEO Huang Wei: Buying cheap things does not mean using the use of downgrading.

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213.5 billion! Tmall's record doubled again 11 again

Alibaba Tmall Double 11 officially started at the beginning of the 11th. After 24 hours of fighting, the final transaction amount was closed at 213.5 billion. Last turnover last year was 168.2 billion yuan.

Only double 11 can be purchased on the same day that can not be repayable on the 12th morning welcomes the first batch of double returns 11

According to the Tmall announcement, due to the large traffic during the event, the number of orders produced is too large. On the day of the Double 11 event, the user has paid for the unsubscribed order and does not support the application for a refund. The payment has to transport to the order to support the repayment. This feature will be open at 0:00 on November 12, 2018. Prior to that, on double day 11, consumers could not choose to send them out of the stock or do not succeed according to the agreed time the reason to apply for defending rights, and they could not choose to defer submission as the reason for the complaint. . In this way, the repayment application that starts after the Double 11 event, the shopping allowance, the red envelope, the shopping coup, the coupon used in the order will not be returned or re-submitted.

Guo Minghao: 2019 iPhone upgrade antenna scheme, upgrade face recognition

A well-known Apple analyst Guo Minghao announced a new research report. In this report, it is anticipated that Apple 2019 iPhone will adopt a new antenna technology. Apple will give up the LCP antenna technology and switch to the new MPI technology. Guo Minghao expects that the 2019 iPhone version will use four MPI antenas and two LCP antennas. Many MPI antennas suppliers for iPhone 2019 will reach five.

Big company

All HNA Groups have pledged 80 million share of HNA Tourism Group

On November 11th, Beijing News's correspondent learned that HNA Group Co., Ltd. has promised that 80 million Group Group Group Travel Co., Ltd. According to industry and trade data, registration date & pledge and date of publication are November 9. The pledge is HNA Group Co., Ltd, and the pledge is in China Exim Bank, and The total promise is 80 million yuan.

Character said

Many CEO Huang Wei Fight: Buying cheap things does not mean using the use of downgrading

Many CEO Huang Wei recently received an interview with CCTV and said consumer downturn did not exist. For a common user, no-one will take the initiative if our overall standard of living is still good. Downgrading Cheap things are definitely not equal to the degradation of usage, which is more logical for a common user. China has a vast territory and regional differences. The process of this change, I believe, is a very large process of evolution and repetition.

Zhang Yong summarizes double 11: because of joint trust, so become common

In response to Ali's double one Ali this year, Alibaba's Chief Executive, Zhang Yong, said that Double 11 this year had many differences. "We not only shop, but the most important thing is to experience happiness and experience the fun of venturing." Zhang Yong is of the opinion that it is double this year, there are 200,000 shops in question, while sales, but also neglected data assets, become long-term active social assets.

Liu Cixin: The significance of human existence lies in external expansion

On the night of November 8, 2018, United States Time Time, Liu Cixin won the Clarke 2018 Award for a Service Imagination for the Society in recognition of its contributions to creating a science fiction. Liu Cixin believes that the significance of human existence lies in external expansion. Humans should deepen their living spaces deep into the universe and constantly show their existence to the universe. This means in itself.

Foreign affairs

Facebook is following a live vibrato version of the Lasso short video program

According to foreign media reports, Facebook's collaboration with record companies offers many possibilities for its social network. Facebook reports are developing a unique app, Lasso, similar to the overseas version of TikTok. Users can use the app to record and share videos that they sing and dance with pop music.

Microsoft is winning an Obsidian and InXile game company

According to The Verge, Microsoft recently announced that it has acquired two game development companies in California, namely InXile Entertainment and Obido Entertainment. Earlier this year, the software maker announced that she would have five new studios to join Microsoft Studios. Both companies are well-known for their RPG games, and the procurement can compensate for a lack of RPG games from Microsoft.

Musk: Not only to build a high speed rail, but also to create a city sewer

At the 2018 City of the American City League in Los Angeles City Summit, Musk said the Boring built underground subway system will start operating within four years. He also said that Boring will also be building urban sewers.

The Queen Internet intends to raise $ 1.25 billion for its new development fund

Several sources said Mary Meeker's "Mother of the Internet" is preparing to raise $ 1.25 billion for her newly formed fund. In September this year, Mikel announced plans to leave his venture capital company, Kaipeng Huaying for eight years.

Investment and funding events

  1. Bitfintech, one-stop service platform for digital assets, has received a million dollar strategic investment.

  2. The "Catalog" service provider branded $ 1.5 million brands in seed round funding.

  3. The new "Logistics News" business platform has completed angel funding and the valuation was tens of millions of yuan.

  4. "DeepTech Deep Technology" has completed tens of millions of funding rounds A.

  5. Organel tampon-creator "Rael" $ 17.5 million was awarded Series A and Softbank took part in the project.

  6. "Pulver Medical" has completed the round 7 million yuan money from funding.

  7. "KuCoin" won a new round of investment from IDG and Jingwei, and sold 15% of the shares.

  8. The "Robot Might Eye" has received tens of millions of investments in the CITIC Agricultural Talent Fund and Talent Capital round.

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