Thursday , December 3 2020

21 people in Inner Mongolia mining enterprises continue to die: calls of blood stations for blood donation There is a kind of blood gap – China – Beijing News

The Beijing News (Wenbo Pan Reporter, Kang Jia, Zhou Shiling, Cheng Yalong) On February 23, Xilin Gol League Xiwuqi Yinman Mining Company transported vehicles in the process of transporting workers underground, causing 21 deaths and 29 injuries. Today (24 February), Gol Xilin League Center's Blood Station, WeChat's public number published a message saying that the people were invited to give blood. Beijing News's reporter from the blood station learned that many people went to the blood station to get a queue up for giving blood. The current blood supply is temporarily satisfactory. There is a demand for blood, type A blood gap A is bigger.

Today's (24 February), The Xilin Gol Alliance Center The Freephone of WeChat released a message saying, due to the increase in the use of blood, the list has been lower than the blood station warning line, calling for blood donation in the public.

At 10am today, the Beijing News reporter of the blood station reported that many people are currently supplying blood to the blood station. "There are still people, there are a lot of people who need queue up if they come over now." A member of staff said that the current blood supply can meet the demand for a temporary blood, "in particular, I've seen how the situation goes tonight."

Staff reported that the current blood-type gap is large, when people give blood, they need to carry an ID card or blood card certificate, go to the Ximeng Center blood station or give blood to the blood donor house that has located 100 meters east of the Ximeng Hospital emergency hospital. The time is to donate blood between 18 o'clock today.

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