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November 10, 2018 00:53 Source: Beijing Morning News Take part in interaction

In reversing Guangsha, Shougang won the gas

The adjudicator's multiple penalties are confusing.

The ongoing debate before the end of the game did not give Beijing Shougang men's basketball team to turn over the leader! In the 9th round of the regular season of the CBA last night, the Shougang team resisted the pressure in the last quarter and finally defeated the Zhejiang Guangsha team 95-91, welcoming the first streak of the three-year term. In another game, the Beijing Enterprises Commercial Bank of Beijing Enterprises basketball team lost to the Bayi team 102 to 113.

Prior to the game, the referee returned to his "board"

The Shougang team played an 8-0 in less than 3 minutes. The Guangsha team played half the first quarter to break scoring drought. The remaining 2 minutes is still one digit. In the second half of the year, the Shougang team expanded the difference to double digits. At the end of the section, 22 to 9 led. The Guangsha team scored 5 points in the second quarter. The Shougang team was only 4 points in the center of this section. However, with the help of a successful defense, the ball was passed through the patient and the assault was made in 3 minutes in the second half. Reopening the points difference. Liu Xiaoyu made 3 of 3 a shot at the end of the quarter, and the Shougang team ended the half with a leader from 46 to 36.

In the second half of the second half of the Guangsha team, the points difference was reduced to single digits, and put the game into the rhythm of the saw. Only four points from the Guangsha team, the Shougang team with third-third aid in the third quarter at the abusive end, joined them to score 18 points at the team's 22 points, with the team still having 10 point to last quarter. The Guangsha team did not continue to pursue points like in the second and third quarter. The first half of the Shougang team managed the rhythm. The Guangs team scored 9 points in less than 2 minutes in the second half, and the score was approaching again. For single digits. After the weight loss on the opponent's entire game, the Shougang team was almost closing the victory in the last minute. However, after Xiao Xiaochuan wrote the score to 94-87, the referee gave the game the best and looked back at the conflicts between Jackson and Zhao Yanxi at 56.5 seconds . The latter came out, it was found that the obvious faulty AJ action was against the dirty, and both teams were judged to be invalid. In the last 19.5 seconds, the Guangsha team traced 91 to 93. When converting the ball, Wang Yuhui took the ball into an interruption that fell to the ground. Xiao Xiaochuan rejected the basket and the Shougang team led by 4 points in the last 11.2 seconds. Fordson had 4 seconds to the left and the outside line was not in the middle. Liu Xiaoyu took a rebate and the opponent gave the first game of the season.

Key person

The first eight rounds of the unsuccessful team of Guangsha scored more than 110 points before the night, but both did meet the Shougang men's basketball team, the score did not break 100, last night was the first quarter and the score of the game came to & 39; both are low. Chief coach Yannis praised the team for placing the tone of the game from the start of the game. "Even in the difficult situation in the winning moment, we still maintain our concentration." In Wukesong, Fordson surrendered 24+ Comprehensive data 12 + 9, but 5 out of 0 last night, only 14 points, returned to the Shougang Wang Haohui team to successfully limit opponent star players in two games successive, becoming the key to winning.

Hamilton scored 31 points and 11 back, and became the team's first scoring point for two consecutive games; Jackson played a heavy part at the abusive end in the second half of the last quarter, contributing 26 points. Beijing Morning News reporter Liu Chen

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