Sunday , August 7 2022

YouTube's latest constraint gets worse: Kellogg stops advertising


Kellogg joined with Nestlé SA, Walt Disney Co and other important consumer brands that was spent on YouTube advertising due to concern that the platform could be used to create networks of people involved in exploitation of children.

Kellogg said Thursday had stopped advertising on YouTube, extending the list of large US consumer brands. They have done the same, among these, the supplementary retailer of GNC Holdings Inc., the leading telecommunications company of Canada BCE Inc., the video game maker of Epic Games Inc., the large food nestle and the German packing company Dr August Oetker KG Disney has also given the best advertising, according to people who are familiar with the situation.

On Sunday, a blogger, Matt Watson, posted a 20-minute clip detailing how comments on YouTube are used to identify some videos that include women in activities that could be interpreted as suggestive sex, such as set in a mirror and make gymnastics Watson's video showed how, if users have clicked on one of the videos, YouTube algorithms recommended similar ones. By Wednesday, Watson's video had more than two million views.

"We've put all publicity on YouTube as we learn how YouTube will ensure the safety of everyone who enjoys their stage," said Kellogg spokesman Kris Bahner in a statement.

YouTube is an increasingly important part of the extensive Google Internet advertising empire. In general, video advertisements are more profitable than Google text text search advertisements. Advertisers have shown YouTube on several occasions, such as when ads appeared alongside the contents of a violent terrorist, but companies returned to the platform in general after public concern was interrupted.

"Any content, even comments, which endangered minors is uncommon and we have clear policies that are banned on YouTube." We take immediate action by eliminating accounts and channels, reporting unlawful activities to authorities and disabling breach comments. says a YouTube spokesman in an email.

Google commented that she had received disabled comments on "tens of millions" of videos that included minors and eliminated around 400 accounts that had left comments that were worried. The total advertising investment in the above videos was less than US $ 8,000 in the last 60 days, and YouTube plans to issue repayments, the spokesman said.

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