Sunday , October 2 2022

YouTube: Half Life will have a documentary for its 20 years and it's a trailer video | Chatting | Unexpected results Valve Video games


The world celebrates the 20th anniversary of Half Life, the first person shooter created by Valve was launched in 1998. For this reason, the producer is Chatting, who is well known for making documentaries of different video, released on his YouTube channel the first trailer from the famous title program.

New documentary Half Life The presence of developers, players and moderators, will tell us about the influence and the effect creation Valve in the videogame industry.

The trailer released by Chatting it shows us the long journeys that he has made to talk to the industry's important personalities such as Cory Barlog, director of God of War PS4 or Geoff Keigheley, organizer of the important ceremony, The Game Awards. The documentary will have the name "Unexpected results"

The document will collect the witnesses of a number of members and the video game industry such as moderators, developers or players that have influenced in one way or another by creating Valve, The Half Life.

As you know, there are documentaries Chatting They are expanded through volunteering processes; however, the producer has not communicated the date the document will be released. This will force us to be an addition to the YouTube channel Chatting for more news. We leave you with the trailer for you to enjoy it.

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