Tuesday , August 9 2022

"You do not have to add spices to something that is already falling"


Frank Kudelka does not want any more trouble. If he was for him, he would not speak. "I'll feel here when many, even among you, are in my heart," he said at the beginning of his conference to the press yesterday. "But you have to accept it," he said. He also says he prefers not going to confrontation and, most importantly, he will concentrate on getting the team out of the worst minute.

"We must accept what was wrong, believe in what can and, among all, start this … Because we are at the beginning, and we must solve it, "he said. "It was possible, if we did not pass the Cup, there would be a lot of bombing, bombs, but they have the rules game and we know, "he said.

It does not complicate Argentina, which prefers dramatization of the start of the bad season of its squad. "In life, much worse things happen. And I've touched things that can not imagine," he said. "I believe in my convictions, in my ways, in the mistakes that we have made and that we have to take care. I live this with passion, with spiritual, emotional and professional scope," he added.

The technician did not want to give an opinion on the Herrera-Aguad conflict, or his dissatisfaction when setting up the campus. He made it clear that he does not speak "outdoors" and that the "task" of raising the club "has to be in-house, calm and without adding a spice to something that is already It's not my way to. Less in public, "it rained.

"The team does not play as I want. I do not like it We were not up to the Cup," he said, but he said that this should be considered as an opportunity to improve. "We're in the club's history and we have to fight together, in the best way, united and with a sense of belonging. We have a good chance to be better. After this storm, These bad drinks, this bad flavor we have in our mouths, I understand that we can all move on. If we do not see it, or if we do not reach the task, we will have failed, "he said. .

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