Thursday , September 29 2022

you do not agree with the pay cut and you can go


According to information from ADN radio, the Admiral did not like the conditions offered by Blanco y Negro to sign a contract extension.

This Monday, Marcelo Espina, Colo Colo sports manager, has a Black and White directory he decided to renew the contracts of Agustín Orión and Julio Barroso. However, he also warned that he has to be discussed.

And that item is not simple with the Admiral. The point of disagreement is one: the concession, to sign for new seasons, he asked him to lower his salary so that the player seemed disproportionate.

This was reported by DNA radio, arguing that the defendant did not like the conditions proposed by the Skid.

Discussions will continue in the next few days, as well as with Orion. These are two sensitive situations so, if it were successful, a shooter and defender would join the list of reinforcements.

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