Sunday , October 2 2022

Y SIXTH TV | Clinical studies in 14 countries confirm that HIV is not transferable when the viral load in the blood is not ineligible


Y social stigma people with HIV still suffer today do not agree with reports like the Partner-2. During the eight years of the study there were more than 77,000 sexual intercourse, even without protection without the virus being transferred to any other member of the couple.

"It is shown collectively and collectively by a science that has no risk, even at the time of having sex if the person is have been diagnosed and correctly treated", Ferran Pujol, director of BCN Checkpoint explained.

In this study they have taken part About 1,000 couples where one of the two members is seropositive and treated.

Two years ago, José Fley HIV was discovered. "I have been practically with a partner for a year and is negative"At the time, I did not have a partner and I thought we would never get it again:" At the beginning you eat your head, you think you & Less than that person because of HIV ".

However, he has a fixed negative partner and use antiretrovirals It causes the virus to be uncovered and can not be transmitted, improving the relationships of people with HIV.

"We've already passed the stage I died from AIDS, I have to live well, and Now you're living well with HIV", highlights José.

Studies like this aim are to raise awareness and end it discrimination who have suffered and continued to suffer from HIV-positive people.

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