Tuesday , October 4 2022

Xiaomi confirms that it will open operations in Miwro and Colombia


Today the Xiaomi launch event in Chile, where the Chinese brand has started to gradually open its portfolio to consumers in our country. We had the opportunity to talk for a few minutes with Steven Wang, Director of Regional Marketing in Xiaomi Technology, who made us confirm information that many expect.

We asked him exactly what his next goals are in Latin America, which Wang unfortunately responds to him: after Chile they go through Peru and Colombia. Although it did not provide dates or deadlines, it was exciting to confirm that the brand will be present in both countries.

Probably, These locations will reach a catalog that is very similar to the one that appears in Chile, especially if we are of the opinion that Xiaomi is considering our country to learn how the region behaves.

During the interview, we could also talk about many other interesting topics, so we recommend that you keep an eye on Weighted Paper to find the latest news from the popular Chinese maker in our country.

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