Friday , August 19 2022

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The videogame industry moves millions of dollars every day. Some of the large conglomerates who pay taxes on this business Nintendo, Sony to Microsoft, among others. But a new actor is preparing a plan to join the selected group, and it's similar, it's great. It's about Google, his ambitious plan will be released on March 19 in the Videogame Fair Fact context in San Francisco (USA)

Unlike other industry members, Google would suggest something new. It will not have the traditional videogame system, with a device that is known to date. It's an unprecedented service in the industry, similar to Netflix, emphasizing streaming technology. The name: Project Stream.

Tracks from this new platform were received during the second part of 2018 and early 2019, when the company held a limited test. This allowed access to the game Odyssey Creed Assassin free in the Chrome browser, for all users. In addition, it offered the possibility of using Bluetooth control.

Include premium through streaming

Y test successfully, so everything indicates the fact that the Stream Project in March will be published officially.

According to Google, This project was born with the aim of transmitting through streaming, with content with more speed and response than traditional video games. "The idea of ​​transferring graphics-rich content that requires immediate interaction between the command of the game and the graphics on the screen creates a series of challenges. When transmitting TV or movies, Consumers feel comfortable with a few seconds of starter buffer, but the transfer of high quality games requires latency to be measured in millisegonds, without graphic degradation, "said the company on its blog.

In addition, Google has been chatting with her developers and publishers of a video game to build a complete library, with different themes, to offer along with a new platform.

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