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World Encephalitis Day, why is it remembered today?


Posted 02/22/2019 1:29:34CET

MADRID, February 22 (Notimer) –

Like every year, today, February 22, World Enzapatitis Day is celebrated to raise awareness of the world this disease is still unknown. Therefore, during the day there will be adapted therapeutic activities and games in many hospitals and schools around the world.

Yes Meningitis caused, in most cases, by a virus that causes your immune system attacks the brain by mistake. Although it affects men and women, children and elderly people are the most likely age group of serious cases become dead in the most extreme cases or leaving significant physical and emotional inspiration.

At present, it is still the form of infection has not to determine its accuracy Although it is known that the most common is through simple herpes, the mosquitoes fly and ticks or through the war virus. The first symptoms are similar to cold, and then added to it awareness loss, muscle parasites and strikes.

Now, the Association of Encephalitis & # 39;, established over 20 years ago, has offered all those affected, their families and those who support the case wearing red clothes during today's date and which uses social networks to raise awareness amongst people about the risk of suffering from this disease in a world where they are completely not known to 78% of the population, according to the same organization.

From Notimeric, as well as World Health Organization (WHO) to Pan American Health Foundation (PAHO), among others, we want to have a Happy World Encephalitis Day for everyone, always hoping to find out the causes of this rare pathology.

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