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World Day against cervical cancer, a preventable disease and to cure it


The leading academic of the University of Australia's Chile of Medicine, Dr Raul Puente, referred to this disease caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

Every March 26 and to raise awareness of the importance of self care, World Day for the Prevention of Cervical Cancer is being remembered. Our disease is treatable and can be cured if it is detected early.

In Chile, according to recent data from Globocan (International Cancer Observatory), in 2018, 1,549 new cases and 725 deaths were reported for this case. This is a concern because there are low cost preventative strategies that are effective in controlling this type of cancer that kills two women a day in our country.

According to the former President of the Chile Gynecologic Oncology Society, Raul Puente, a Valdivian doctor, cervical cancer is considered a sexually transmitted disease, as the causal agent is 99.7% in Papilloma Virus. A human (HPV) is in anyone's oncogenic stress, and that is passed through sexual relations. The presence of the virus in the cervix usually requires some superintendents to develop cancer, that tobacco is one of the important ones, as well as having poor immunology. "

In terms of symptoms, Dr Puente explains “in the first stages there are virtually no symptoms, or these are very unspecific. Sometimes irregular bleeding occurs, or appears after a sexual relationship. Sometimes vaginal or vaginal discharge may occur. In general, the symptoms – among others, the presence of pain – appear in advanced stages, when the possibilities of healing can be honest lower.

In this context, adding, due to the above, a lack of discomfort or signs, "reaffirms the need for women to undertake periodic gynecological examinations including taking PAPs (PAPS) for the detection of impaired lesions. T early or early stages of the disease. "


In Chile, Fonasa and Isapres beneficiaries are entitled to the PAP in the Preventive Medicine Audit. This evaluation, which helps to find any irregularities in the cervix, is free every 3 years for all women over 25 and under 64 years of age. If they are changed, they become AUGE cases given that the pathology has been guaranteed, and that they are directed to a specialist to confirm their treatment.

About this examination, the director of the Department of Municipal Health of Valdivia, Dra Marcela Traub, stressed, unfortunately, "in our communion women with cervical cancer, they are still found in advanced stages," he said. which caused personal and family suffering, and often deaths, namely that most of the time that could have been investigated into their illness in time through the PAP ". t So, we emphasize that the access to this examination is protected, that the health teams are working to broaden the scope of this examination, however there is a lack of awareness and understanding of the importance of this examination of length ".

At this point, the DraTraub adds that “compressions are particularly low after 45 years, so reinforcing the message for that age group, which is also the most dangerous. Remember that women working by law have the right to get permission from our employer to have the time to do it. "


Along with this procedure, which is free and can be requested in the office or Isapres, it is also within the National Immunization Program Vaccine against the Human Papilloma Virus, which, as explained. Dr. Puente, a 99.7% of the causal agent of this cancer.

This preventative strategy was implemented in 2014 and is free for women in the 4th (first dose) and 5th Basic (Second Dose) of all educational establishments in the country.


The link between Human Papilloma Virus and cervical cancer was shown scientifically by Dr. Harald zur Hausen, who won a Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2008. And three years later, the year 2011 took part in Valdivia in the "International Human Papilloma Symposium and related injuries". In his visit to our region, the Nobel was invested by the Australian University of Chile with Doctor Honoris Causa's degree for his valuable contribution to science and health.

Dr Puente, director of the Upper Gynecology and Obstetrics Institute and visit manager, emphasizes this with the discovery "the possibility of preventing cervical cancer through the development of vaccines, which has been very effective, and consequently the possibility. T of eliminating this cancer from the Earth's surface, for the benefit of all humanity ".


Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that occurs in the cells of the cervix (the lower part of the womb that connects to the vagina). The development is usually very slow and starts as a pre-cancerous condition that can be detected by PAP and is better than 100% t

As a deterrent, a healthy diet is recommended, avoiding smoking, if there is no fixed partner, always use a condom to protect against sexually transmitted diseases such as the Human Papilloma Virus and HIV; achieve the PAP and get vaccinated against HPV, as well as reduce stress situations because it reduces the defense capacity.

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