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Women gave details of how the sexual sect led by Tito Fernández worked TV and Show


Three women decided to say how a denominational sect was activated "Tallis", which would have led by the national musician Tito Fernández "El Temucano". In September, the man was reported to commit alleged sexual abuse. The events would have taken place in 2010.

The testimonies were disclosed in a report by The Clinic, where three women spoke, that they did not reveal their names. Those mentioned were noted that they were forced to provide sexual services to the musician, which led meetings at the Center of Metaphysical Studies in the Santiago Centro area.

According to one of the victims, Fernandez, who knew him "The Master", We will quote them to e-mail meetings and ask them Sexual favors as a way of transmitting their "light in the world" energy.

"He tells me that the job was that I had to give my teacher a sexual job. I can remember that I'm feeling cool big in my body, but I can not prove that: He was the teacher! "One of the girls said.

UNO Agency
UNO Agency

Another allegedly said the musician was assaulted to see him as a "real father" and he felt fitted to him, as he had a powerful talk and attracted many people.

"I felt, by telling him, that I would light up a candle and I was fine. I loved it, like a father, like my teacher We understood that what happened was a spiritual sacrifice and, after that, it came to my Tata, my father absent ", detailed

In the above article it was mentioned that Tito Fernández had called a significant number of women to incredible meetings. They all belonged to the Center of Metaphysical Studies. To this situation, it was added that most had a "complex" family history.

"Certainly enough, a few days later, the post arrived, making me a private meeting inviting me to take part in a secret school of the school. I should not tell anyone and what was my availability. I thought: How interesting! "One of the people involved said.

According to their versions, the start rituals included Fernandez touching private parts with a sword, after which they decided whether they were worthy to achieve what is known as energy transfer.

"He nominated me his assistant. I had to build the altar, as the girls do in the church: Bring water when he wanted it and put it in front of the chain Prayer, held every Wednesday, we held hands and closed our eyes, except me. Until then, there were no sexual meetings, but he asked us to greet each other with a pig in the mouth and to go to Tallis with a skirt. Then it would come and pass one by one touching a vagina, "says the victim named.

UNO Agency
UNO Agency

After alleged approval, the "Temucano" would have been called to an additional meeting in a Motel has located in the Army's streets with Toesca. Sexual meetings would have occurred.

"I always had the doubt whether I was blameless for a reason, or if the old man was bad and fake. The fourth time, I said to him, with great respect, that I did not feel like going, that did not fulfill that commitment to me was desirable. He replied that this meeting must take place, because we were already there, the fourth time was the most important, because he had sealed the union with the blue string, "he explained the last to declare.

A "blue string" would include a union held between the artist and the women after having seven sexual relationships.

From the Clinic they contacted Tito Fernández to learn his version of the events, but his lawyer Juan Carlos Sepúlveda said he would not answer questions.

In September, after hearing the complaints, Fernandez said he had no "idea" of the alleged alleged incidents, as he was to "read his book only" at those meetings.

This article describes an ongoing judicial process

There is a possibility that the payments will be made redundant at the end of the investigation, and for what reason The defendant should not be considered guilty until Justice judges judgment against him.
(Article 04 of the Criminal Procedure Code)

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