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"Without famous players or metal sheets": in Argentina they point out Palestine as "a good team of Libertadores"


Palestine rescued 2-2 in his visit to Teles de Córdoba at Mario Alberto Kempes's stadium for the Copa Libertadores. The Arab club, although they started down in the score, were recovered from a 2-0 defeat and finished equally in the game, where they even had options to stay with the victory.

The national group's duel for Stage 3 of the highest continental competition in America did not let anyone unfavorable. The Argentine media were surprised by the level shown by the Chile squad, and said he was one of the stunners in the current edition of the Libertadores Copa.

El Olio Diario, highlighting the level shown by the tetracolor box, which recovered from 2-0. The cross-Andean field coach left the Cordovan box input, suggesting that he put the key up against the Chilean, from the name "Pay for a fall to sleep"

"Talleres won 2 to 0 for Palestine, with goals from Dayro Moreno and Ramírez, but in the second half he reduced his protection and the Chileans deserved to match him and almost win. The T has gone out to win in the re-exchange: the 0 to 0 and the 1 to 1 delete it", confirm the popular newspaper.

He paid to sleep, and said the Olé newspaper. He paid to sleep, and said the Olé newspaper.

On the other hand, Cordovan media Voice inside in his sports section of the name "He could not work with Palestine and was halfway there"He stressed that Palestine was a team who knew how to revoke the cross-Andean team, complicating their classification to the Libertadores group period.

"He left the workshops last night with an ambitious feeling. A 2 to 2 against Palestine leaves him live and with all the possibilities, next Wednesday, gets the pass to the Cup Group Stage. But it is clear that the one who faced yesterday, without plate names or with the hierarchy of those who had received São Paulo in both games of Phase 2, was a football team better than & Paul Paul, with clear ideas, and made him feel in Kempes playground"he said.

"Without famous players or a metal sheet, yesterday's workshops in Chile as a whole found a good team of Libertadores, who knew how to play and where it hurts to worry ", they add.

Voice Tu Tu, half Cordovan Voice Tu Tu, half Cordovan

Clarin is another of the judges with the Argentine group, highlighting the valuable national drawing: "Talleres could not sustain the advantage and the qualification will be played in Chile"

They also point out the route that the Arabs traveled to last last Libertadores case: "The Chileans, who underwent the base of the Chile Cup 2018 win, and came out of the preliminary stage on penalties to Independiente Medellín, drawing from Cordoba a great deal, not only for two visitor goals but because they were showing the party with the start of the Workshops tremendously"

In terms of the game and subsequent return, they add "what was 2-0 and the party in the stalls ended at 2-2 and anxiety before the next Wednesday re-exchange in Santiago de Chile"

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