Thursday , July 7 2022

With the doll completely: Rivers have set his talent to defeat Lapentti in a defensive display | Sports


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Leonardo Rubilar | UNO Agency

As in its best times. Marcelo Ríos He played an attractive image returning to a tune for his showcase against the Nicolás Lapentti Ecwational.

The Chinese won, which showed that her wrist was full and magic, had won a game that should be defined in supertiebreak & # 39; the third set.

The suit started for Chile, with a few errors and one break could take the first sleeves from 6 to 4.

In the second, he continued in pairs, although Lapentti raises his level and shows why he is sixth in the World in the ATP. After breaking once, The visit was left with the second part of 7 to 5.

So everything in the third was defined. The excitement and excitement in the Grand Arena Monticello reigned for several minutes, but then gave celebrations to local fans. This is because Rios has won between 11 and 9 and won the victory.

It should be noted that the lawsuit has also indicated by the relaxing spirit of the participants and tributes to Nicolás Massú and Patricio Cornejo.

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